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All purpose use biodegradable cleaning wet tissue

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All purpose use biodegradable cleaning wet tissue


All purpose use biodegradable cleaning wet tissue

We are tired of spending much time on cleansing things in home or office. We are always try to find a easiest way to get well cleaned for everywhere. Especially for the kitchen and office stuffs. If you cook at home, The lampblack will be the biggest problem for your healthy and hygiene. The lampblack make everything is sticky and covered with disgusting grease and dirty particles. Nobody like the lampblack. Besides, you may find the common tap water which is hard to remove the sticky thing even though you use the detergent together. Now you urgently need one powerful degrease wet wipes. Just one piece of wet tissue, it will take away all of your problem. First, there is soft fabric which make sure not scratch the cleaned surface, and the tissue are moistened by our talented cleaning formula liquid, then sealed the pre-wet tissue with the pouch. So It will be a on the go wet tissue. It is easy to use anywhere. Just peel off the pouch and take out the pre-saturated tissue, then everything is well cleaned. Not only offer you cleaning effect, but also provide you disinfection effect.

If you think this wet tissue is just for kitchen cleaning use, you will lost much fun of using it. Actually, it is all purpose use wet tissue. It will be a great antibacterial wet wipes for your electronic products. Do you know how many bacteria hided on your smart phone, Laptop, Computer, the keyboard, the mouse? e.t.c You will feel sick and be shocked when you find the truth of dirty around you. Think about that, you sat and worked for nearly 8 hours in the office, you grab and touch any thing on your desk, You may never clean them until they are ready to throw away. You may also have lunch and sleep on your desk every work day. People will be easy to get to be ill and have potential healthy problem in such environment. Now the office worker urgently need one easy and disinfectant cleaning wet tissue.

If you drive to work everyday, We suggest you also keep some on the go wet tissue in your car. It could keep your dashboard, seat, steering wheel clean. This all purpose use cleaning tissue could be well used for cleaning different surface, such as plastic, metal, glass, wood, ceramics, ABS, e.t.c These wet wipe is very good for selling on the supermarket,7-11 shop. Convenient shop. We offer you private label service for different package. Welcome to inquiry us to get more details.
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