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Dogs and cats grooming skills

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Dogs and cats grooming skills


Dogs and cats grooming skills

Grooming for dogs is the favorite of modern pet owners. However, for people who have no experience in grooming dogs, how to do grooming for dogs? Today, the editor will introduce some to you. Some tips on beauty care, I hope to help pet owners.
General daily care and beauty have six steps that must be completed
1. Brushing (remove dead hair, dust)
Use a professional brush or a needle comb and a dehairing comb to do a general brushing, brush off the floating hair and dust to prevent the hair from entangling and knotting in the following steps. The one to choose here is suitable for you. A dog-sized comb so that the needles are too long to stick to the skin or too short to comb through.
Second, combing
In this step, you need to use a row comb to carefully comb each layer of hair, and you can find out whether there are skin diseases and knots. Be careful not to hurt the dog
3. Cleaning of ears and eyes (pulling ear hairs and washing ears can prevent ear dampness, otitis, and ear mites)
Dogs such as Poodles and Schnauzers only need to pluck their ears regularly, please use professional ear hair powder. It is also very important to clean the ear canal. You can use ear washing water to drop in and wait for the dog to shake its head. Then use a cotton swab to slowly turn the cotton swab inward along the outside of the ear to take out the dirt. A healthy dog's ears should be odorless. In general, long-eared dogs such as Basset Cockers need frequent ear cleaning. Then, for cleaning around the eyes, you can also drop pet-specific eye washes, then drop eye protectors. Finally, use a cotton swab to clean the hair around the eyes to check whether the dog has hair stuck in the eyes or whether there is trichiasis.
4. Cut nails, cut the hair on the soles of the feet (anti-slip, inflammation between the toes), cut the bottom of the abdomen, and the hair near the anus (keep clean when urinating)
5. Take a bath, squeeze the anal glands (anal glands are prone to inflammation for a long time)
Do not use human shampoo and body wash when bathing because the skin is different, you can use a dog-specific shampoo. Note that white-haired dogs do not often use whitening body wash. All whitening shower gels will have alkaline properties that will singe the hair and make the hair no longer shiny. Dog owners can buy whitening and moisturizing shower gels to use alternately. It is recommended to use a conditioner at the same time as shampooing. Just like a human hair conditioner, it can also prevent dust from getting on the hair.
Six, drying, combing
When blow-drying, you must blow against the hair so that you can start from the bottom hair to prevent skin diseases. When it is half-dry, start from the roots of the hair, and comb while blowing until the hair is completely dry.

In this way, in six steps, ordinary dogs who do not need grooming can take care of their hair and can be styled later.

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