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Daily cleansing and sanitizing your earphone, gamepad,microphone

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Daily cleansing and sanitizing your earphone, gamepad,microphone


Daily cleansing and sanitizing your earphone, gamepad,microphone

Everyone prefer to use earphone in home or in public ,  Earphone is a necessary popular thing for teenager and businessman in work and househould.  but nearly most of people ignore to clean and disinfect their earphone and device after use.     Study shows the earphone and microphone,  gamepad surface are covered with thousands of bacteria and some pathogenic germs, fungi, virus, e.t.c    these polluted device may impack the user health easily while re-use them next time.

The earphone usually cover the ear each time,  there are many sebum extrat on the surface of ear skin,  you may found the earphone is sticky while you use them next time if you didn't clean it.      The sebum will cover the earphone and cause repaidly growth of bacteria in short time,  it will cause ear disease such as tympanitis.     No matter it is in-ear headset, headphone,  all kinds of earphone need to be clean and disinfect after use.   the single use alcohol wipes will be a perfect solution to solove the earphone healthy problem.     the individually alcohol wipes could kill 99.9% bateria and inactivate the virus in seconds,   meanwhile the enough alcohol solution could remove the sebum and sticky contamination easily and keep your device clean for daily use.

There are same hidden healthy problem in your gamepad,   if your kids or your friends like to play games each day,  well, you had better remind them of the healthy problem around them.   The individually wrapped alcohol wipes will be a fast, cheap and very effective way to protect your health each day.

Ecoeon Technology is a professsional wet wipes manufacturer which sell different disinfecting wipes and household use wet wipes. Ecoeon will provide you private label and custom brand print service for you to start your own wet wipe business.

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