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Natural resource coconut oil wet wipes

2016-09-29 20:35:59

First, Wet wipe is a good helper that make our life better and more clean and healthy. People love to use on the go moist wipes. But you should pay attention to the formula of the wet wipe. The formula based on all kinds of chemicals which will not the best wipes for your body. We Ecoeon Technology focus on the more healthy formula with natural resource ingredient to make the hygiene care wet wipes these years. Such as the lemon wet wipes, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera wet wipes, Coconut oil wet wipes, Tea tree oil wet wipes. All of them is made by the natural plant extract and flower hydrosol.

There is rose hydrosol, Michelia hydrosol, honeysuckle hydrosol, Melia azedarach, Lavender, Jasmine, pempermint/Mint, Sweet orange, Chamomile, Rosemary, Sandalwood, ginger, carrot seed oil, e.t.c

The natural extract make our personal wet wipes have low-allergy, Hypoallergenic, No irritation, Non-toxic and alcohol free feature. Not only for cleaning, but also providing you natural healthy care and antibacterial, beauty care by using our wet wipes.

In order to provide different package for different customer, we have on-the-go individually wrapped wipes and multi-pack for options. Getting you to be refreshed, facial cleaning, hand cleaning and skincare everywhere.

These wet wipe is very good for selling on the supermarket,7-11 shop, beauty salon.

We offer you private label service for different package.
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