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Lens cleaning wipes

2016-06-17 22:31:26
No matter what kinds of lens or glasses, it is easy to get cover with the annoying dust or finger print, sebum, tiny particles on the lens surface. Then this issue will cause some unpleasant experiences such as blurry vision, indistinct picture, or result in some wrong date in the science test. So the photographer, scientist, laboratory workers always want to get one good cleansing solution for their lens in the past years. Good news is that we have a perfect offer to solve the lens cleansing problem.

The solution is the lens cleaning wet wipes, Don’t look down upon this small wet wipes, it is a really big help. Let us explain it to you.

As we know, the traditional cleansing solution is using one dry microfiber fabric and one bottle of lens cleaning liquid. Right? Put one or two drops of liquid on the lens/glasses surface, then use one stick covered with the microfiber wipes to spread out the liquid on the surface back and forth. Yes, this cleansing solution is work, but it take much time and need a clean place and some necessary cleansing tools around with you. I don’t think everyone always have right time and place to cleaning the lens. Besides, if you are not a experienced cleaner, you may damage the expensive lens or glasses.

We offer you one-stop lens cleaning solution. It will save the user much time and quick-cleansing for all lens/glasses.

First, we choose the wet strength paper or microfiber fabric as the wet wipe substrate, this wipe material will not scratch the lens and glasses, because it is very soft and leave no particles, it is a good lint free wipe solution. Then the wipe is pre-moistened by our special formula cleaning solution, and individually packed each wet wipes.

You can see that we combine 2 cleaning step to one cleansing step. Now you just need tear the packing bag and take out one lens wipes for cleaning anywhere,anytime. The mini packing bag design allow the user take the wipes easily, No any limitation for use and cleaning for any kinds of lens and glasses.
It is good to sell on the supermarket, retail store, CVS(convenience store), Lens/camera store, e.t.c

We offer you private label service for any wet wipes on our website.
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