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How to Choose one good Screen wipes

2021-03-18 18:14:03

I have to say you are looking at the screen when you are reading these words. Maybe you are using the smartphone, Ipad, Tablet, latop, desk computer,e.t.c You can’t image how many times that you are looking or using the screen. Then problem come out because you use the screen too much. As we know, Most of screen produce static when they are working, and static will bring in much dust particles in the air. That is why the screen is easy to covered with dust in the daily life. If you are using a IPAD or smartphone, you may touch and slide the screen many times everyday, then the screen surface will covered with your fingerprint and skin sebum, and it is a little sticky and make you uncomfortable.

Now you may want to use one dry tissues or rag to clean the screen, then I can say you are disappointed about the final cleansing effect, because there will be much strip or trace residue on the screen, it is hard to clean the screen by tissue, right?
Then you give up and throw the phone or ipad aside. But more serious potential problem may be made because the bacteria and virus will breed happily on the screen. That is disgust, but it is the truth. Your sweat and skin sebum residue that offer the microorganism enough food to be alive. You need a good Screen Cleaning Wipes right now.

Ecoeon household office wipes will be your perfect choice to clean all kinds of screen. No scratch, No strip, No water trace, Fast-dry and quickly clean solution.

The inner wet wipe is pre-moisture by the formula liquid to make sure it is easy to remove the fingerprint and skin sebum. The screen wipe ingredient which is antibacterial and disinfection, not only cleansing the screen, but also keep the screen totally clean without any healthy problem. It is individually wrapped design for each wipe, so you can have one screen wipes anytime anywhere to clean the screen. No need one bottle of screen spray cleaner anymore.

It is good to sell in the supermarket, retail store, CVS(convenience store), Lens/camera store, e.t.c

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