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Lens Cleaning Cloth Is The Best Way To Clean Glasses

2021-03-18 18:14:46
Glasses are not exactly very cheap. When you consider the fact that most of us tend to break at least one pair each month, your bills for lenses can run quite high. For obvious reasons, it is imperative to take good care of your glasses: keep them carefully, and clean them often. When it comes to cleaning your spectacle lenses, a microfiber cleaning cloth, or lens cleaning cloth is highly recommended. One must absolutely avoid cleaning glasses with a regular cotton or paper towel, as it can lead to scratches that can blur your vision or cause a bid reduction in clarity.

Lens Cleaning Microfiber Cloths

For best results, you must invest in a Lens Cleaning Cloth. These can be purchased usually over the counter at your local optometrist, and are very handy and effective at cleaning glasses. These lens cleaning cloths are made of microfibers that are microscopic polyester or polyamide fibers and have a huge capacity to retain dust, grime, oils, and water. Moreover, they do not scratch the surface of the glass, which is crucial when you wear spectacles as a scratch in the wrong spot can blur or obstruct your vision.

In terms of cost, a Cleaning Wet Cloth is relatively cheap. These are available easily with most optometrists, and also at your local Wal-Mart. Never use a regular cloth, your handkerchief, your shirt, or a paper napkin to clean your glasses if you want to prolong their life and avoid spending a tidy fortune each year on replacing scratched glasses. I found a great resource about microfiber cleaning cloth that will answer all your queries about the revolutionary microfiber cloth. You can check it out at cleanwetwipes.

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