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Hand Sanitizer Wipes Help Your Business

2021-03-18 18:14:50

There are a wide range of safety concerns that need to be addressed when running a business. And one of them that is often neglected is building sanitation. Without constant vigilance, customers and employees can spread germs and create an unhealthy work environment. Intimate Cleansing Wipes help to alleviate these problems and maintain a safe work environment. Employees should not be in constant fear of an infection. Nonetheless, bacteria can hide in a variety of places and it is important to focus cleaning efforts on these areas. In an office these often include:

  • Doorknobs
    • Chairs
    • Keyboards
    • Bathrooms
    • High-traffic counter surfaces
    • Break room tables

Bacteria Affecting Business

Most of the bacteria in these areas are actually harmless. The few that are harmful, however, can have a devastating effect on employee efficiency and healthcare costs. Employees who are sick can be absent for a number of days, taking up capital in sick pay while requiring another employee to shoulder their tasks. This may be a normal aspect of day to day business, but over the course of a year the extra sick days of a unsanitary office can add up to a significant amount.

Hand Sanitizer Disinfecting Wipes

Management also has to be concerned with the cumulative effect of workers taking sick days. A troubling phenomenon can occur where more and more employees take sick days because they acknowledge their coworkers have done the same. While perhaps harmless on the small scale, it can add up to costly totals over time. Most important of all, is the experience of the workers. Good management wants to provide a good work environment. Constant illness isn't beneficial to the individual or company morale. Helping take care of employee health concerns is one of the best ways a company can show integrity and a community mindset.

Wipes in the Right Places

Hand sanitizer wipes should be used in a variety of locations. They should be easily accessible and clearly visible. This helps reminds employees to take advantage of them. Break rooms and office cafeterias should always have plenty of wipes. Many employees will take advantage of them to disinfect their hands before they eat and to wipe up any mess afterwards. Bathrooms should always have a few boxes of Hand Sanitizer Wipes. They are a good alternative for those employees who do not like to touch the faucet handles or door handles. They can also be used to clean off counters and changing tables. It is also a good idea to leave a box or two between groups of desks. Employees will be able to clean their desks before and after work. A sanitation memo is a great way to encourage the use of hand sanitizer wipes. Employers who take advantage of hand sanitizer wipes will find their workplace is healthier. Lowered health care and related costs will translate into savings that far outweigh the small cost of wipes. Most importantly, employees will be happier in and out of work. And happier workers means increased productivity!

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