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XL Extra large Body Wipes

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XL Extra large Body Wipes


XL Extra large Body Wipes

More and more people like go camping and go hiking outdoor. Outdoor activities and sport are more and more popular these years.
The XL extra large body wet wipes are a nice thing for outdoor use.    It is very convenient to use and clean body after exercise.
The wet wipe size are 20*30 inch,  It is much larger than regular shower wipes or bath wipes on the market. It is easy to use and very
easy to take with the user.   Each wet wipe is individually wrapped packaging,  The user even put this wet wipes in their pocket.
And you can take several packs in your handbag or car.   Just tear the packagng and take out of one wet wipe to clean body everywhere as your like.

The Extra lage body wipe are very safe to use on skin.   There are 4 kinds of natural plant and flower extract to keep the skin clean and fresh.
The Vitamin E could protect the skin and moisturing your body skin.   We highly recommend the fitness room put some disposable body wipes for the customer use.
And you could put these wet wipes in the Vending machine.   and we can do OEM and private label service for this bath wipes,  so you can prompt your own brand
for these wet wipes.

For the fabric material of this XL extra large body wipes,    we use 100% biodegradable fabric mateiral which is eco-friendly fabric.  All is good for the environment and The Earth.
We recommond the customer use more 100% biodegradale wipes, not polyester wet wipes.

For the service, we are a professional wet wipes manufacturer who provide the customer private label service and customized product with bulk quantity.
We could help the client to build their own brand wet wipes series product.

We have CE certificate, FDA register and ISO for all hygiene use and healthy care wet wipes product.  We focus on the North America and Europe, Australia market, e.t.c
Here we can supply you high quality wet wipes with good price.
Welcome to inquiry to start business.   Ecoeon Technology Co.,Ltd will be your nice business parnter.
If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!