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What's the odor source of your dogs?

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What's the odor source of your dogs?


What's the odor source of pet dogs?

The dog odor may still come from somewhere even though the dog take bath each day.   the pet owners want to solve this question.

No veterinarian would tell you this, but today I'm sharing it with everyone. The dirtiest part of your dog isn't their body; bathing won't wash away the source of their stinky smell. It's their ears. You might not believe me, but you should believe the facts and trust your own eyes. If you've never cleaned your dog's ears, I bet their ears are already full of mites. Dogs frequently shake their heads, scratch their ears with their hind legs, or rub their heads against walls, floors, and sofas because there are tiny bugs biting them, causing great discomfort.

If you don't believe me, call your dog over now and smell their ears. Can you stand it? Isn't it both fishy and stinky? When you wipe it with a tissue, it’s black and dirty inside. These little bugs in the dog's ears are called ear mites. They can cause unexplained itching on the owner's body, decrease the dog's hearing, and lead to more tear stains and eye discharge, especially noticeable in white dogs.

If your dog has ear mites and you visit a pet hospital, the vet will prescribe ear drops. These have excellent cleaning effects. Just drop 2-3 drops into the dog's ears and gently massage the base of the ears. Once you let go, the dog will naturally shake its head, expelling the dirt. Then, use a tissue to clean the dog's ears. If it’s the first time cleaning, do this three times a day. For prevention, clean their ears once or twice a week to keep them free from bad smells and dirt. With clean ears, you can even sleep with your dog without any issues.

Besides ear drops, there is a quicker way to clean your dog's ears: pet ear cleaning wipes. These disposable wipes prevent cross-infection and contain the same formula as ear drops. They quickly clean, remove odors, stop itching, and are non-irritating. They are perfect for quick ear cleaning at home or while traveling with your pet.

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