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What can baby wipes help you?

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What can baby wipes help you?


Do you really know about baby wipes?

The babay wipes are always on standby.

1. Clean your baby's small hands and small face to avoid getting sick from the mouth,
2. After cleansing the butt after the urine, moisturize the small butt,
3. Mother's cleaning after breastfeeding,
4. Outdoor cleaning and dirty, easy to use,
5. Easily extract non-continuous, avoiding waste and avoiding paper contamination.

One less baby wet wipe, my mother has more trouble
1. Baby loves to lick the finger , sick from mouth,
2. The baby often spits milk, and there will more cloth need to be washed,
3. The cleaning is not timely, the baby has a rash,
4. Going out to play, stains, slag is difficult to clean.

A small trick to make wet wipes moist for a longer time
1. Stick the adhesive tape after each use, and close the sealing cover.
2. Then place the opening side down
3. When used again, the wet wipes keep moisturized.

1. Please keep out of reach of your baby to avoid accidents.
2. If you have symptoms, stop using it and seek medical advice.
3. Children should be used under the supervision of an adult, and should not be swallowed by infants.
4. Please do not use a microwave oven for heating,
5. Do not throw into the toilet to avoid clogging.

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