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Small wet wipes but big help for everywhere

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Small wet wipes but big help for everywhere

Published:March 31,2016.

Everyone want to live in the clean house, use the clean eleetonic device, 
Peoples all like the thing that they touch which should be clean and healthy.
That is why that there is medical and disinfectant solution to fulfill peoples'idea.

One small wet wipe will be a big help to keep the thing clean and healthy.
That will be a quite pleasant thing.

First thing, It is a CE certificated and FDA approved skin prep disinfectant 
and antibacterial wet wipe.

The ingredient is the meidcal grade nonwoven cloth that be moisten by the 
alcohol. Of course, the wipe could be moisten by Isoproyl Alcohol, Povidone 
Iodine, 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate solution as well, That means we have the 
Povidone Iodine wet medcial wipe and 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate medical cloth 

All of our wet wipes is certificated by ISO13485 & ISO9001, CE Marked, FDA 
approved.  High quality and standard medical wet wipe that help us to open the 
oversea market and export our meical wet wipe to worldwide market every year.
Free samples will be a pleasure thing to offer the new customer to test the wet 
wipes quality.

Packing solution
All wet wipe is individually wrapped by the paper aluminum or foil aluminum 
sachet.   Make sure the shelf life to match 3-5 years after produced.
100wipes/box and 200wipes/box for optional.

The inner wipe size is 30*60 mm,   Second optional 60*60mm.  That is why we 

called it small wet wipe.   Yes,  the inner wipe size is really small and cute shape, But it really help and have a big value.  Let us show you the magic.

alcohol skin prep pads wipe

Povidone Iodine Medical Wipes Prep Pads

The scope of application of the small wet wipe

1, makeup, beauty, nail, beauty tools and supplies ultra-clean quickly and thoroughly disinfected;

2, the children hand-foot skin, injection, thermometer measured before disinfection;

3, glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, blood collection needles and other use of cleaning and disinfection;

4, Dishes for babies, children's toys, pacifiers and other cleaning and disinfection;

5, mobile phones, all kinds of household remote controls, telephones, office supplies, key chains buckle, paraphernalia disinfection cleaning;

6, desktop computers, notebook computers, computer keyboard, mouse and other cleaning and disinfection;

7, Disinfected before use for the various types of earrings, silver jewelry, hanging ornaments, frequently touched items.

8, surgical blades, surgical instruments, appliances and other cosmetic surgery disinfected; hospital use, clinic , first aid use.

9, all types of precision required water treatment parts, metal tools, spare parts, metal products, such as cleaning and disinfection;

10, Car CD / VCD disc CD player DVD various types of tablet cleaning and disinfection;

11, men's shaver, nose hair trimmer, lady stripper and tip disinfection, fast and easy to use;

12, outdoor sports, outdoor survival essential items;

Yes, One small medical wet wipes could offer you all cleaning and disinfectant effect for above item.

Welcome to worldwide dealer and distributor, wholesale to inquiry us to start business.

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