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Restaurant Wet Wipes With Private Label

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Restaurant Wet Wipes With Private Label


Restaurant wipes with private label service

More and more restaurant begin to offer the customer better personalized service and try to leave a deep impression about their restaurant reputation.Such as the dishes marked with your restaurant logo, a interesting advertisement video and the tissue with logo printed.  So the customer may see your restaurant name and logo when they see or touch everywhere.  The restaurant logo will be remembered by the customer unconsciously, then they may go for a meal in your restaurant next time because your restaurant is the first one they could remember.   

Today we introduce one new individually wrapped restaurant wet wipes to you. This hygiene cleansing wet wipes will offer the customer better user experience.  The wet wipe is easy to clean and remove the dirt and oil on the hand compared with the dry tissues, besides, it can refreshing the user skin and make them feel cool.  The single packed wet wipe will be printed with your restaurant information and logo.  The sachet size will be mini pocket size as big as 6×8 cm.  The inner wipe size will be 15×20 cm.  The moist restaurant wipe is safe to use on the skin or cleaning the dishes.  Leave a good impression of restaurant service.   Some customer may like take one mini wipes with them after the meal, then there will be a mobile advertisement for your restaurant.   Little idea but big business.

Welcome to inquiry us to make one private label service mini restaurant wipes.  The order quantity start with small only as 10,000 pcs.
If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!