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Red Cars Get the Most Bird Poop ? Check !

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Red Cars Get the Most Bird Poop ? Check !

Published:December 7,2015.

Red Cars Get the Most Bird Poop ?  How bout blue cars ?

I Love Red Cars First I must declare an interest, I love red cars! My last car was red and the one before that was too. The only reason my current car isn't red is because there were none available at the right price when I last needed to change my car. So I have personal experience of trying to clean off bird droppings from my car.
Like many other people I was convinced that my red car seemed to attract far more bird droppings than those of my neighbors. However, people who owned white cars believed that their cars were dive bombed more often than mine. Now there seems to be proof that red cars are targeted more often by bird poop than other colors.

Survey Results Show Red Cars Get Most PoopThe detailed results of the research are shown in the above table. The key findings were that 18% of the red cars had bird droppings on them after two days. The next most popular car color with the birds was blue with 14% of blue cars having bird poop on them. The least popular color (as far as the dive bombing birds were concerned) was green, with only 1% of these cars being affected after two days.

Red cars attract the most bird poop; true or false?

Cleaning off Bird Poop by a car cleaning wet wipes?

Cost of Repairing Car Paintwork Damaged by Bird DroppingsThe conclusion of this research by Halfords was that damage caused by bird droppings to British motorists is around 57 million per year ($89 million).

The summary of the research was given to the media as a press release and Halfords helpfully included advice about the importance of cleaning off bird droppings quickly. Cynics may be tempted to wonder if the fact that Halfords sells appropriate cleaning materials was linked to their eagerness to spread the results of their research.

The Story Goes ViralJune 2012 must have been a slow news month for the international press as the story went viral. It was picked up and covered by news agencies across North America, Australasia, Europe and beyond.

Apart from being a light hearted way of getting a marketing message across, the research was not conducted with any scientific rigor. A few people have pointed this out and said that no credence should be given to the results of this survey.

However, they have been largely ignored and new stories continue to appear every week on the Internet claiming that red cars definitely attract more dive bombing by birds then other colors.

The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) has said that in its view, where you park your car is of greater importance than the color of your car. For example, if you park your car under a tree in the evening beneath roosting birds, it is likely to result in your car having bird droppings on it by the morning.

The BTO has carried out its own research into the effect of bird droppings on cars. They have discovered that pigeon droppings cause greater damage to car paintwork than those of seagulls do. This is due to the fact that pigeons are seed eating birds. Their poop is grainier and rougher in texture than those of seagulls which are fish eaters. The excreta from seed eating birds therefore literally scratches your car paintwork. Even more reason to clean it off as quickly as possible.

Car covered in bird droppings . and the car is blue!

Red Cars .Will you buy a red car next time? Yes, I always do No, I hate the color So long as the car goes, I don't careSee results without voting.

What Color Car Will You Buy Next Time? Whatever color car you choose, there will be some occasions when you find that birds have defecated on it. The key is to clean it off as soon as possible so that the ammonia in the droppings does not have time to damage your car's paintwork.   We recommend the Car cleaning wet wipes to clean off the bird poop.

The simplest way to remove bird poop is to first dampen the droppings with a water hose or bucket. Then using a sponge or towel, rub away the softened damp bird excrement. Do not be tempted to try and speed up the process by using a scouring pad. That way you will definitely mark your car's paintwork.

How to Remove Bird Droppings From Car Paintwork ?

Maybe Birds Are Not the Whole Story? There is another theory about what actually causes the damage to car paint that is currently blamed by motorists on bird poop. According to car care products manufacturer, it is the car owners themselves that are the real culprits. They say that cars which are waxed and polished are better protected against bird droppings.

We researchers tried out a variety of different bird poop substitutes on car paint. They varied the acid content and also the grain to liquid ratio. They found that the softness of the paint (which can be affected by high sunshine temperatures) influenced how easy or difficult it was to remove the poop without causing long term damage. They concluded that motorists need to take better care 
of their cars and clean and polish them on a regular basis.

It comes as no surprise to learn that makes the exact wax products that are required to achieve this fight back against aerial hits. You should draw your own conclusions about the objectivity of this "research".

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