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Personal & Beauty Wipes

Personal & Beauty Wipes
  • ReFreshing Wet Wipes in Ring Pull Can

    Wet Wipes In Ring Pull Can

    It is mini wet wipes packed by ring-pull can. Multipack mini wet wipes for disinfection and cleansing use.

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  • Biodegradable Flushable Wipes Manufacturer

    Moisted Flushable Biodegradable Wipes For Toilet Use

    It is biodegradable 40 counts Naturals Moist Flushable Toilet Wipes Easy and Safe to use on the butt and skin.

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  • Fresh care Flushable Toilet Wipes

    Travel Pack Flushable Biodegradable Toilet Wet Wipes

    Naturals fresh care flushable toilet wipes. It is a nice fresh moist flushable soft toilet paper.  It is biodegradable toilet paper.  Safe to use on the butt. There are 10 count flushable wipes in each bag or tub.

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  • Instant Shoe Cleaning Wipes

    Quickly Cleansing Shoe Care Wet Wipes

    Instant Shoe Shine and Cleansing Wipes Fast cleaning and shine for the shoes. It is a wet cleaning tissue for the shoe cleaning.  Remove dust and stain, quickly clean and fast dry shoe cleaning product.

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  •  Rinse Free Hair Washing Shampoo Cap

    Rinse Free Shampoo Cap

    It's rinse free, quickly wash and alcohol free disposable hair washing shampoo cap.      Designed for pregnant women and patients, old people, someone who worked remote area/outdoor. It is a convenient and easy to use hair washing cleaning product.

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  • Disposable Refreshing Facial Wipe

    Refreshing Facial Wipes

    This face wipe is easy to remove the dust, sebum or grease, makeup residue, sweat stain on the face.   It is fresh up high quality wet face wipes.

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  • Natural Care flushable cleaning wet wipes for adults

    Wholesales For Adult Use Flushable Wet Wipes

    Natural Care Best Flushable Wet Wipes Which offer you a fast confidently clean and fresh clean.  This flushable wipes could be used for cleaning the body skin, face, hands, bottom. It is a good flushable wipes instead of the toilet paper.

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  • Disposable Sexual Hygiene Cleaning Wet Towel

    Disposable Vagina Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Lady care --- private parts Vagina cleaning wipes Disposable Vagina Hygiene Cleaning Wet Wipe gives ladies a fresh and clean feeling after use . No irritant for the skin.

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  • Intimate cleaning wet wipes

    Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Personal Wet Wipes

    Intimate Cleansing Wipes It is very smooth and gentle cleansing wet wipes. Especially designed for cleaning the sensitive skin area. No harm and sting for the skin surface.   Keep the skin healthy and clean.

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  • Cleansing Wipes in Bucket

    All Purpose Use Cleansing Wipes in Bucket

    All Purpose Use Cleansing Wipes in Bucket Hand And Body Cleansing Wipes are designed for the skin care and cleansing. This wipe effectively remove the dirt and sweaty and heavy metal ion on the skin after working. Keep the skin clean and antibacterial and comfortable.

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  • skin disinfectant hand wipes

    Hand Sanitizing Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Hand Sanitizing cleaning wet wipes It is disinfectant and antibacterial hygiene wipe for hand cleaning. This wipe could kill 99% bacterial, virus and Fungi. It is recommended to the people who need clean the hand and skin anywhere anytime.

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  • Anti Mosquito cleaning wipes

    Disposable Anti Mosquito Wipes

    Anti Mosquito towelette This wipe is a good cleaner for the mosquito. It is a wet wipe that smell nice but terrible for the mosquito. No harm and irritation to the skin.

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