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Personal & Beauty Wipes

Personal & Beauty Wipes
  • Handy Freshener Singe packed Lemon Wipes

    Lemon Fresh Freshener Wipes

    It is great personal hygiene care and skincare lemon moist wipes. It is a alcohol free antiseptic sanitizing lemon wipes.   Good for use on the face, hand, body cleansing.

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  • Body cleansing Shower Wet wipes

    Shower Wet wipes

    Body cleansing Shower wet wipes It is on the go shower wet wipes,  Nice and great used for sporter in Gym,  althlete, althletic,  outdoor, on Travelling. We use the biodegradable and flushable wipe material to make this shower wet wipes.  Eco-Friendly shower wet wipes and No harm to The Earth and Environment.

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  • Personal Refreshing Wet Wipes

    Refreshing Wet Wipes

    It is  mini pocket refreshing wet wipes. For face and hand skin cleansing and disinfection use.   Mini flow-pack wet wipes designed.

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  • Black Charcoal Cloth Facial Wipes

    New Black Cloth Facial Wipes

    Cleansing Charcoal Black Cloth Facial Wipes A new cleansing charcoal black fabric facial wet wipes.    The black charcoal cloth make this facial wet wipes much different from regular white wet wipes. The black wipes have better cleansing effect and stronger powerful detergency ability.  It provide you new and nice facial cleaning and refreshing experience.  Ecoeon Technology Co., Ltd is a  manufacturer of wet wipe which provide you professional private label service.

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  • Travel Pack Feminine Wipes

    Travel Soft Pack Feminine Hygiene Wet Wipes

    Skincare Feminine Hygiene Wipes It is professional feminine hygiene wipes for women. Natural ingredient, Alcohol free and Eco-friendly feminine wet wipes.

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  • Soft pack Feminine Wipes

    Soft Pack Natural Feminine Hygiene Flushable Wipes

    Skincare clean use rinse free Feminine Hygiene Wipes It is good bath wet towelette that designed for the skin care of patient on bed, old people, badly injury people who can't take a bath directly. Easy to clean on the skin, No irritation and allergy for skin care cleaning. No Rinse Feminine Hygiene Wipes

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  • Eco-friendly 100% Cotton single wet wipes

    100% Cotton Single Packed Wet Wipes

    This wet wipe is made 100% cotton fabric material.    Better absorbency and soft touch to cleaning on the skin.   It is biodegradable and eco-friendly cotton wet wipes.

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  • After Sex wet wipes

    After Sex Wipes

    Before and After sex wipes This a great Disinfectant and cleaning wet wipes use for before and After Sex.  Gentle cleaning for skin cleansing.   The moist soft sex wipe have no harm to the skin and the Vagina and private area. Ecoeon Technology Co.,Ltd is a company who is a professional After Sex Wet Wipes Suppliers and Manufacturers in China.

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  • Organic Makeup Remover Wet Wipe

    Natural Organic Makeup Remover Wet Wipes

    Makeup Remover Cleansing Wet Wipes offer the user gently cleansing and makeup removal on the skin. Moisturizing the skin and keep your skin PH-Balanced,Delaying skin aging and help to reduce skin wrinkles. The pre-moisten wet wipes is ultra soft to clean on the skin, Make the user feel fresh after cleansing.

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  • Pocket Size Antiseptic Wet Towels

    Antiseptic Sanitizing Hand Wipes With Aloe Vera and Green Tea

    It is great personal hygiene hand care and skincare antibacterial moist wipes with Aloe Vera and green tea. It is a alcohol free antiseptic sanitizing hand towels

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  • Natural flushable cleaning wet wipes for adults

    Biodegradable Flushable Wipes

    Natural Care Best Flushable Wet Wipes Which offer you a fast confidently clean and fresh clean.  This flushable wipes could be used for cleaning the body skin, face, hands, bottom. It is a good flushable wipes instead of the toilet paper.

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  • Hair Color remove wet wipes

    Hair Color Remover Wipes

    It is a professional hair color remover moist wipes. This wipe is easy to remove the stain on the ear,neck and face. Safe to use and fast clean.

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