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Kitchen Cleansing Wipes Solution

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Kitchen Cleansing Wipes Solution

Published:April 18,2016.

Kitchen Cleansing Wipes Solution 

A cooker need a kitchen, A great cooker need a nice kitchen.

But every cooker must like the clean kitchen.

The kitchen lampblack and cooking fume will be a big problem for the kitchen.   The kitchen ventilator may be a good helper,  but it can't pump out 100% cooking fume.   Most kitchen ventilator machine just pump 80-90% kitchen lampblack,   Where is the rest 20% cooking fume?

The answer is that this 20% kitchen fume that will find their landing point on the surface of all kitchen things.   Terrible!  right?

Maybe most people like put several rag or mop in the kitchen room.

Yes, We must say the rag and mop is one of the choice for kitchen cleaning,  but it is not the best solution.      

First, the kitchen cleaning rag and mop is dry cloths,   You need wash them after cleaning.    It looks like this cleaning solution is economic and convenient.   The truth is that the recycled rag and mop may be very dirty after many times cleansing.    they may be covered and hided by so much bacteria and dirty particles which cause second pollution when you use them for cleaning again.   So the kitchen cleaning mop or rag must be disposable cleaning product.

Second, The material of the rag and mop may not suit to clean every parts in the kitchen.   There is stone surface, plastic surface, metal surface, wood surface, glass surface which need to be cleaned,  how can you use same rag or mop to clean all the surface?   

Now I think you will need a professional kitchen cleaning towel,  the material of our kitchen cleaning wipe is non-woven fabric.  It is very soft and very easy to use,  The kitchen wipes had a very good absorption which make sure this kitchen wipe that is easy to clean the heavy oil and dirty area.

Third,  There is some wet and dry area in the kitchen.  Both area need to be cleaned correctly.   Dry kitchen wipes is a great choice for cleaning the wet area,  the Wet kitchen wiper will be a perfect choice for cleaning the dry things in the kitchen.   Besides,   The wet kitchen towels is not only wet, but have a good properties of antibacterial and disinfectant. 

The kitchen wipes offer you a clean and healthy cooking place.

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