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India COVID-19 Crisis outbreak

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India COVID-19 Crisis outbreak


COVID-19 Crisis Outbreak in India

After a tough year of 2020,  Most of us went through the COVID-19 Crisis and surived.   Good thing is that  the World have vaccine to fight back to the Novel Coronavirus, but the bad news is that the Vaccine is not enough so far, and the COVID-19 virus are update and variation itself anytime. WE HAVE NEW ENEMY! The mutation COVID-19 are turn back so quickly in the world.   We can see the COVID-19 crisis epidemic happened so quickly in India in the past month.    It looks like an endless war between the Virus and Human,  Well, Human will win it finally, that require human work together to fight against the COVID-19,  and People should follow epidemic prevention regulations.  People should still need to wear face mask in the public,   Washing and Sanitizing the hand and surface regularly each day.  People should reduce to attend the big gathering and party.   All we know you are suffering the lonely and boring time,  but we need to get vaccine as soon as possible, we should put and wear the PPE(personal protective equipment) properly anywhere.

Hoping India could overcome this COVID-19 Crisis, all world will help India out soon.

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