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Hygiene On Airlines

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Hygiene On Airlines

Published:December 19,2015.

Hygiene On Airlines

I was recently flying on a 100% full Sri Lankan Airline flight from Colombo to London, when a passenger, somewhat the worse for drink, who was sitting on the other side of the aisle to me, vomitted onto the floor. The only way the cabin crew were able to clean this up was by scooping it up with tissues, leaving a residue on the floor, and the smell was by aerosols. There was apparently no disinfectant or water available to aid the cleaning. As this incident happend 3 hours into an 11 hour flight, it was not a pleasant flight. Felt very sorry for the family in question but also thought we would have been given some sort of cleaning instrument or product to help ease the pain and smell. Thank goodness I had read a helpful hint from this site telling me to carry extra plastic bags (for soiled clothing) and toilet wipes. I even had pocket sized Vick inhalers that we could sniff to ease the pain of the smell.

Grim! Should not be allowed to get to the sort of state where they start throwing up, should they? Planes are pretty yukky at all times greasy headrests, urgghh! I was on a 10 hr flight quite recently, with a woman in the next aisle wearing a surgical mask for the duration   though she thought it safe enough to take it off whilst eating. Taking it a wee bit far IMO, but I always dose myself up with vits beforehand and always have plenty of anti bacterial handwipes. I never drink as I think the body under enough strain at high altitude without having adding alcohol to the mix. Would be nicer if people could use the sick bags wouldn it?!

Apart from a hospital I do not think there is a more dangerous environment than an airplane. First there are all those surfaces which all of us touch. 

Second, it is difficult to get to the bathroom merely to wash your hands so many people do not wash as frequently as they would. 

Third, everyone on the plane is exhaling whatever virus or bacteria they have, or perhaps do not even know yet that they have, and the circulation system on the plane just keeps all of that air moving around and around.

So I advise you had better take a bucket/bag of hygiene disinfectant cleaning wet wipes when you take a airplane.

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