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How to Treat and prevent diaper rash the right way

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How to Treat and prevent diaper rash the right way

Published:December 28,2015.

How to Treat and prevent diaper rash the right way

Most rashes happen because of moisture trapped against skin. So the first step toward clearing one up is to change your baby's diaper more least every two hours or so, as well as the minute you realize that it may be wet or soiled.

Step 2: Clean the area

Urine and poop left behind can make rashes worse, so clean the diaper area thoroughly at every change. Use unscented cleaning wet wipes, without any added ingredients that could further irritate skin, and use unscented, alcohol free soap during baths.

Step 3: Pat don't rub

No matter what you wipe with,don't rub! your baby's bottom.

Step 4: Apply cream

Once your baby's bottom is completely dry, smooth a visible layer of rash cream with zinc oxide over the affected area. The cream will form a barrier between the rash and the next barrage of pee or poop. Diaper your baby as usual.

Step 5: Expose it to air

If you have time, let your baby go bare bottomed for a while during the day on several layers of soft towels. The fresh air will help heal their rash.

Step 6: Prevent a recurrence

Once the rash has cleared, keep a new one from cropping up by continuing to change your baby frequently and watching what they eat. Some rashes are food related, so watch for connections between foods and flare ups.

Step 7: Dress them right

When you dress your baby, don't use plastic pants, which trap heat and cause a rash or make a rash worse. Now that your baby feels better, don't you do too?

Fact: Breastfed babies tend to have fewer diaper rashes than formula fed ones.

Cloth diapers are a little bit more work than the disposable kind. No need to worry, with some regular laundry detergent and vinegar your baby will be happy as a clam in his clean and irritant free diapers.

It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it! Keeping your baby's diapers clean and soft is easier than it sounds.

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