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How dose wet wipes change our life style?

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How dose wet wipes change our life style?


How dose wet wipes change our life style?


Are you still using the duster cloth to clean everything in your home?  Do you have any complaint about it?  how about wash a used duster cloth?  there must be many dust, particles, oil stain covered on the surface of your reusable duster cloth,  it is really not a pleasant thing to wash it.

Actually, there is a great solution to solve your trouble, That is cleaning wet wipes.


Wet wipes? Come on!that is just used for baby, not good for household cleaning.   that is may your first impression about wet wipe things  in your head.   Today we will tell you different things and how dose the wet wipes make your life better.  Wet wipe is a great helper to guard your health and offer you cleaned things.


There are many different wet wipes that used for different application.    Such as Medical wipes for first aid and disinfectant for everything,   Fresh wet wipe and makeup remover wet wipe used for your face and hand cleaning,   Baby wipes,  Feminine wet wipes for women,  Sex wet wipes for adult,  Pet wipes,  Screen wet wipes for all screen cleaning,  e.t.c     You can always find your ideal wet wipes in Ecoeon Technology Co.,Limited.   As a manufacturer and factory, Ecoeon Technology Co,Ltd focus on supplying different wet wipes over 10 years.  Now you can discard your duster cloth and get one wet wipes from Ecoeon Technology Co.,Ltd.


People or the customer may are worrying about the environment problem when they are buying one wet wipes,  we understand your concern, and we have perfect solution to solve this problem.    we produce wet wipes with 100% biodegradable and flushable fabric and bamboo fabric instead of the traditional non-woven fabric,  so Eeoeon Technology's wet wipe product is very Eco-friendly to the nature.          


Compared with the duster cloth,  the wet wipe is fast cleaning and it's no need to wash them after use, Just throw it and grab new one.  The formula and ingredient of the wet wipe which is disinfecting and stronger cleaning effect compared with one duster cloth.  It could kill 99.9% bacteria and virus on the surface of things. And the package is on the on design which could allow you to take some wet wipe outdoor or on travelling.   You even don't need water to clean your hand and face when you have our wet wipes.    You can use Ecoeon Technology's multi-purpose wet wipe to clean everything,  A TV surface, A Fridge, A microwave oven, your desk and chair surface, your kitchen items, Telephone,mobile phone, keyboard,mouse, glass, e.t.c   You will find it is great to cleaning everything once you have our wet wipes.


As a vendor/manufacturer/supplier of wet wipes,  Ecoeon Technology Co.,Ltd provide our customer private label service for all wet wipes.,   Please inquiry us to get wet wipe business started.   We will help your business to be better.

If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!