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Household & Office Wipes

Household & Office Wipes
  • New Screen Cleaner Wet Wipes

    One Step Travel Size Screen Cleaner Wet Wipes

    Mini One step travel Size Screen Cleaner Wet Wipes Link free, streaking free, residue free screen wet cleaner. Fast clean and dry screen wipes.   It is good to clean for any electronic device screen.

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  • Instant Shoe Shine Cleaning Wipes

    Quickly Shoe Shine Wipes

    Instant Shoe Shine Cleaning Wipes Fast cleaning and shine for the shoes. It is a wet cleaning tissue for the shoe cleaning.  Remove dust and stain, quickly clean and fast dry shoe cleaning product.

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  • New Condom Wet Wipes

    Creative Condom Wet Wipes

    It is creative individually wrapped pocket wet wipes. The packing bag is very similar to the condom packing. we called it is Not Condom wet wipes.

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  • office product cleaning wet wiper

    Office Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Professional office cleaning wet wipes This office wet wiper could used for cleaning all kinds of office equipment. It could be used for the computer screen, TV screen, LCD/LED screen, Monitor,Camera,laptop, mouse, CD/DVD player,keyboard,printer,telephone,desk,door, and so on. Leave no trace and strip after cleaning,  Lint free and No harm to the cleaned surface.

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  • Anti fog wet wipes for the mirror

    Anti-Fog Wet Wipes For Mirror And Glasses

    It is a new patented Super Anti-Fog cleaning wet wipe. It is a professional anti fog for all kinds of mirror and glasses, lens. car windshield. Keep the Antifogging coating 90 days long on the applied surface.

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  • Disposable medical Soap Wipes

    Single Pack Wet Soap Wipes

    Pure Water Single Pack Wet Soap Wipes It is a individually packed Alcohol free medical wet soap wipe. This soap wipe is a good wiper for the personal skin care and healthy care. The soap wipe is PH balanced, No harm and irritation to the skin. It is good to clean at Cars, Household life, outdoors, Hotels, motels, office, e.t.c It is a nice hygiene antibacterial soap wipe.

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  • Stripe Free Screen Wipes

    Stripe Free Screen Cleaning Wipes

    Stripe Free Screen Cleaning Wipes It is Anti-static cleaning wet tissues. The LCD and LED screen will be Anti-static after applying. It is lint free wipes. No residue and particles after cleaning.

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  • Disposable disinfectant alcohol free wipes

    Disposable Disinfectant Alcohol Free Cleaning Wet Wipes

    The Disposable Disinfectant Alcohol Free cleaning wet wipes This disinfectant wet wipe is disposable wipes. It is good for clean the skin, metal surface, plastic surface, office equipment, Furniture, Electronic high technology products. This disinfectant wet wipe is alcohol free.

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  • Cash Counting Machine cleaning wipes

    Cash Counting Machine Cleaning Wet Wipes

    The Cash Counting Machine cleaning wet wipes This wipe is Specially designed for the people who often counting the banknotes. Your finger will be covered with dirt and bacteria if you touch the banknotes much. It is very good for cashier, ticket seller, office cashier center, financial staff and company.

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  • Inkpad cleaning wet wipes

    Inkpad Remover Cleaning Wet Wipes

    The Inkpad remover cleaning wet wipes This Ink-pad remover cleaner is good to clean your finger. The wipe is moisten by 75% alcohol. We recommend it to use in the school, Law office, Court, Bank,Hospital,Company, hotel, e.t.c It is a very nice Ink-pad cleaner and wiper for you.

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  • Comfortable Disinfectant Antibacterial Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Disinfectant Antibacterial Cleaning Wet Wipes

    disinfectant Antibacterial cleaning wet wipes 20pcs This cleaning wet wipe is anti-bacterial and disinfectant wipes. It could be used for cleaning Kitchen, Furniture, Office device, Printer shell, Car, e.t.c It is a bulk packing wipe.

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  • Glasses cleaning wet wipes

    Goggles Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Individually wrapped Glasses(Spectacles) cleaning wet wipes It is a kind of glasses wet wipe which is very great to clean all kinds of glasses. Our glasses wet wipe could kill 99.9% the Staphylococcus aureus escherichia coli and other bad bacteria and virus.  The wet wipe is very soft and no harm to the glasses.   It is fungusproof and anti-fingerprint wet wipe. Recommended to use the Glasses,  3D glasses, Sun glasses,   e.t.c

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