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Fighting the spread of Novel coronavirus pneumonia

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Fighting the spread of Novel coronavirus pneumonia

Published:March 20,2020.

Fighting the spread of Novel coronavirus pneumonia, If you can't stop it completely, try our best to delay it

When the COVID-19 virus infects all who can infect it, it goes to its own end. This argument appeared in a documentary about viruses, and Jin Dongyan told Red Star News that such a statement is not unreasonable from a scientific point of view. "The theory corresponding to this statement has a proper term.
Translation into Chinese can be understood as 'herd immunity'. "

"For example, if 40% of the population is immune to the virus, the virus will spread more slowly; and when 60% to 70% of the population is immune, the virus may be difficult to retransmit Get up, it will stop naturally in the end. "Jin Dongyan said,
The worst case scenario is to intensify manual intervention without allowing the virus to spread itself.

This statement does not mean that people are negative in the face of infectious diseases, but humans should be more active. When facing infectious diseases, people now have more weapons than before, such as developing vaccines and antiviral drugs.

Taking the 2009 H1N1 influenza as an example, Jin Dongyan said, "In the beginning, it was also preventable and controlled, but in the end it couldn't be prevented, and the virus came out." Jin Dongyan said that in many cases, the infectious disease itself is not preventable. living,
If humans realize that infectious diseases have broken through the first hurdle of defense, the goal of prevention and control needs to be shifted to the second and to delay the spread of the virus, that is, to make as few people as possible infected, and then use this time to develop vaccines.

Human beings and viruses are not always a life-and-death relationship, and it is not necessary to eliminate all pathogens of infectious diseases from human beings, otherwise it is equivalent to failure. Jin Dongyan said that the prevention and control of infectious diseases needs to be based on actual conditions, and different countries in the world also have different situations.
As long as these countries control infectious diseases in a way that is consistent with their country, and ultimately results in the least economic loss, it is "success".

It may be possible to deal with new crown pneumonia in the same way as with severe flu, although the new crown virus is less variable and relatively more stable than the flu virus. Jin Dongyan told Red Star News, "Because of the run-up in medical resources,
As a result, many non-new crown but severe patients could not seek medical treatment and died normally. Normal medical order needs to be restored. It may be possible to consider the normal management of new crown pneumonia, both in China and the world. "

The epidemic will eventually be resolved, whether it is succumbing to social action or infecting all susceptible people, said David S. Jones, MD, in a review in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Now everyone should protect yourself to avoid infected with COVID-19 together with other people,  To Win the time for yourself and family.    Please washing your hand frequrently with hand sanitizer gel and disinfecting wet wipes and wearing face mask to against the virus.   Because the medical system may be destroyed by virus first.

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