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Comprehensive Analysis about face mask supply , disinfectant and coronavirus

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Comprehensive Analysis about face mask supply , disinfectant and coronavirus


Comprehensive Analysis about face mask supply and coronavirus

As the outbreak of coronavirus in  China,Italy, Spain and France , Germany, Sweden,   There will be one peak demand for masks in the next 1-2 months at least.
From China experience,  This conronavirus outbreak from November-2019 in Wuhan,  China still not eliminate this COVID-19 disease until today.
It have been last for 4 months in China, and the face masks and disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizing gel price are very crazy during this 4 months,  we have gone through these.
And you may not believe how difficult we can buy some face masks 2 months ago, and unit price of mask is very high than current price.  Nearly All World's stocked masks were sold to China in the past 3 months.
But now things turn the corner,   the reason why mask are so shorty supply before,   because the coronavirus diease happened during the Chinese New Year holiday,  All facotry shut down and workers go hometown for holiday.  Now the coronavirus epidemic happened so quickly, and most people are trapped in home because of quarantine.  It last nearly for 3 months.
Now the virus are controlled very well in China ,  and more and more workers are coming back to factory for working, and the machine get fully run,  Many companies turn to produce face mask products these days,
The output of masks are 6-8  times more than 1 months ago here,   so we are able to export them to oversea market right now.
The China government encourage wearing face mask no matter you are infected or you are not infected and healthy,  it could protect yourself and other people because the mask could stop the virus spread and keep virus in the mask filter.
Now we notice some Europe Country government tell the citizen not to wear face mask if they are healthy,  we can tell you that is not right way.   Because each country are short of mask supply so far,
If the government tell everyone should wear mask, it will cause great panic in whole country because everybody can't buy  masks, all sold out.  Its our true experience.
But a matter of time,  government will tell everyone should wear mask, because the infectiousness of coronavrus is horrible, if you don't wear mask and stay with one infected person for 1 mintue, you will get infected.
That is why the face mask is so necessary no matter you are healthy or infected.    Usually one mask need to change every 4 hours,  KN95 mask could last for 1-2 days if you don't go crowd place.
China have very stict restriction to control the virus these days,   but disease  still last for these months,  we didn't see other country have same strict restriction so far, so we estimate the disease will spread quickly and cause big panic soon.
There will be huge market demand for masks in the next months.   Don't miss this good chance for mask and alcohol wipes sale.   Prompt the masks to more customers and wholesalers.
That is really our true words and experience.
Stay safe and take good care of your family.

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