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Cleaning wet wipes for SPA

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Cleaning wet wipes for SPA


Cleaning wet wipes for SPA

More and more people are enjoying the SPA service these years.  Your back may be applied with many kinds of essential oil and beauty liquid or emulsion in the SPA beauty shop.  The beautician need remove the essential oil and liquid once you finish the SPA,   the cleaning tool may be towel, but I don't think the customer would like the beautician to clean their body by one reusable towel, because there may be potential cross infection problem by using the reusable towels,   No one like share one cleaning towel with other stranger.  right?     Is there any perfect solution to solve the potential healthy problem?   Of course, now you need one hygiene care cleaning wet wipes.

We Ecoeon Technology produce the hygiene care wet wipes for SPA use. there are multi-pack wet wipe and individually wrapped wet wipes for option.     The wet wipe is disposable product which 

stop potential cross infection problem.    The wet wipe is very easy and convenient to remove the essential oil and emulsion residue on the skin compared with using one towel or dry cleaning cloth.

There is ingredient such as Vitamin E and Aloe vera extract in the wet wipe which is good for the skin beauty.

Welcome to inquiry us to know more information about the SPA use wet wipes.

We also provide the customer private label service to help your business promotion.

 wet wipe for spa use


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