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Cat care Cleaning Wet Wipes 100pcs


Cat care Cleaning Wet Wipes 100pcs

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Product Detail

The Pet care disinfectant wet wipes for Cat ,  100pcs/pack

Sometimes, The Pets really like to get their own dirty when they are eating, or Go to play outdoor and get the small claws dirty. It is really difficult to cleaning up, You can not always take a shower bath and wipe the pet clean with a paper towel every day.

1.Super deodorant, nourish hair for the cat. 

2.It is 7 days cured flavor factor: the new plant cured flavor factor, 

Effectively surrounded and blocked the original body odor, sweat quickly.

3.Getting rid of cat urine stains, feces stains.

4.Nourish hair: rich moisturizing factor and vitamin E, effectively 

moisturize the hair follicles, so the hair surplus glossy flexible

Professional anti-hair removal formula: effectively prevent hair dropping, reducing the formation of the cat licking hair and swallowed it.

5.Intestinal hairballs, Remove the skin deep dander, greasy and dirt

Hypo-allergenic protection: PH value balanced formula not only  effectively remove dirt, but also an effective anti-allergic protective layer.

Applies to cats body hair clean, more suitable for specific parts of the cat ears, nose and mouth, anus and foot like clean, get rid of the cat  to remove unsightly tear stains.



For all kinds of Pet.  Dog, Cat, Pig,Mouse, e.t.c

It is good to clean the Pet, After Meal,  Outdoor playing, Excrete things.  For the Ear and eye cleaning, Eye stains remover.


100 pcs/pack 

It is also be packing by Canister.

Providing the Private label service/Customized brand print service
We are not a online retailer, dealer, but a factory and manufacturer of wet wipes for bulk quantity wholesale

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Cat care Cleaning Wet Wipes 100pcs

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If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!