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Why dose the Flushable wipes be accused easily

2021-03-18 18:13:00
First, we produce and supply the flushable wet wipes and flushable toilet wipes. But we found there were more articles that accuse the flushable wipe is a big environment problem recently. Because many people said that the flushable wipes blocked the sewer. Apparently, we disagree this their opinion.

We produce different kinds of wet wipes for different application. Of course flushable wipe is one of them, but it different from the others. Because it could be flushabled directly after use. We never suggest the user flushable the traditional wet wipes into the toilet or sewer. The normal wet wipes should be throw in the trash can, we always tell our customer about these. But for the flushable wet wipes, We still suggest people discard them into the trash can even though it is flushable wipes type. It is not mean our flushable wipes is not really flushable, actually it is. We may know that you should throw the common toilet paper into trash bin after use, Just in case of any blocked problem to the sewer. Right? How could people accuse the flushable wipes compare with the normal toilet paper?

Flushable Toilet Wipes

But if you insist on throwing the flushable wipes into your toilet, we insure you that our Flushable Toilet Wipes will be not problem to flushable directly. Because our flushable wipes is biodegradable type. Wet flushable toilet wipe has better cleaning effect and better skin touch compared with dry toilet paper. Fast clean and fresh smell to use. Small pack size which could help the user to take one with them anywhere, Not only for toilet use, but also be cleaned for other part of skin of the body. Such as face and hand sanitizer use.

There are some flushable wet wipe in the market which is not really flushable. You should test it before you use the wipes. We can send you free samples of flushable wet wipes for testing before you place the formal order.

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