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hand wet wipes

Why do you choose the hand cleaning wet wipe

2021-03-18 18:13:15

First question, What is hand cleaning wet wipes?

The answer is that non-woven fabric pre-saturated with some formula cleaning solution, then packed the wet wipe by bag or canister.

Our hands may be the busiest part in our body. We touch and grab things nearly all day. So the hands may be the dirtiest part everyday. That is why we wash the hands so many times one day. Otherwise, the hands health issues will cause some unknown diseases.

Try to image that, Your face or eye, mouth is a little itchy while you are working in the office. So you reach out the hand to scratch skin itchy place, then you feel good after that. But could you remember where your hand touch other dirty things before you scratch your skin? The keyboard, the mouse, the notebook, the laptop screen, IPAD, smart phone, calculator, printer, document papers, e.t.c Goodness! You had touched so many things, Your hands must be covered by so much dust, unknown black spot, bacteria, virus, grease, oil, ink. How dirty the hands are! Now you must be just want to rush out to the washroom and clean your hands by hand sanitizer carefully. But you can’t do that because you have so many work to do in hand, You want save some time and get job done early. Bingo, You really need a pack of disinfectant hand wet wipes so urgently at this moment. Just tear the packing and take out 1 pieces of wet wipe for hand cleaning, This hand wet wipe will help you save much time and offer you healthy and clean hands anywhere anytime.

Scene 2

You are driving for a business trip or traveling.

You found the dashboard is not clean and covered by dust and particles. You don’t have enough time get your car into car wash shop. You also found the steering wheel and shift lever that is a little sticky. That is a disgusting feeling, right? Yes, because there is some microorganism and bacteria breeding on these place in your car. You may want to get vomited right now.

Don’t do that, I advised you take out a pack of disinfectant hand cleaning wet wipes to apply the dirty place, this hand wet wipes had good feature of kill germs, antibacterial. Strong remove the grease and dirty spot, Dust. This wipes will offer you fast cleaning solution.

The hand wet wipes help you to solve the hidden hygiene problem in household life, office and a traveling. Learn more information, please visit: cleanwetwipes.
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