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Which is better for screen and device cleansing, Isopropyl alcohol or Ethyl Alcohol solution?

2021-12-16 11:43:32

Which one is better for screen and device cleansing,   Isopropyl alcohol or Ethyl Alcohol solution?

The active ingredient of screen wipe is isopropyl alcohol instead of alcohol. Is it because isopropyl alcohol is more friendly to the screen coating?

Different concentrations of isopropanol/Isopropyl alcohol are used to clean electronic instruments in our laboratory.
Both alcohols can effectively kill bacteria, but not spores. By denaturing proteins and dissolving lipids, it effectively destroys a variety of bacteria and virus cells.

The concentration of Ethyl Alcohol is usually 70% alcohol. It is found in some disinfectants and hand sanitizers, but it can dehydrate the skin. Therefore, it should not be used directly without adding other agents to protect the skin.

The concentration of Isopropyl Alcohol is usually 72-75%. It is more commonly used in disinfectants and preservatives, hand sanitizers and cosmetics. It has poor dehydration effect on human tissues and reduces the irritation of local treatments, so it is a better solution than ethanol to disinfect the skin.

Isopropyl alcohol is the first choice for cleaning electronic equipment.

The difference between ethanol and isopropanol
1. Ethanol is a primary alcohol, and isopropanol is a secondary alcohol, which is slightly less polar than ethanol, so its solvent will be more like a hydrocarbon, and the grease removal effect is slightly better than that of ethanol.

2. The viscosity of Ethanol is 1.2 (water 1.0), and the viscosity of Isopropanol is 2.45. Isopropanol has better lubricity and reduces friction. The surface tension is small, and the water stains and spots left after evaporation are small.

3. Ethanol has a slight chemical smell and is edible. After the manufacturers produce high-concentration alcohol, they add a variety of substances to prevent human consumption: such as benzene, formaldehyde, and iodine, which have toxic properties or extremely bitter taste. Ethanol with toxic substances is called denatured alcohol, which is more toxic than isopropanol and is prone to foaming. In addition, certain additive chemicals may harm human skin and are rarely used in medical environments. Some chemicals in denatured alcohol may also corrode electronic components. Isopropyl alcohol has a strong chemical smell and is not edible. For the ethanol available on the market, if the specification and purity are not specified, the denatured alcohol is often purchased, and the purity is not high. The reagent-grade isopropanol bottles are pure enough to clean sensitive electronic components without danger.

4. Ethanol has a boiling point of 78°C and a melting point of -115°C. The boiling point of isopropanol is 82.5°C and the melting point is -89.5°C. However, isopropanol vapor evaporates faster than ethanol, and it does not leave any traces of oil when it evaporates. The disadvantage of ethanol is that it sometimes leaves traces of oil from the surface on which it evaporates. These traces may subsequently cause highly sensitive electronic equipment to malfunction.

The volatilization rate of several common solvents
5. Ethanol can be mixed in salt solution. Isopropanol cannot be mixed in the salt solution. By adding salt to the water, the concentrated isopropanol can be separated into visible layers.
The grade of ethanol reagent required to clean electronic equipment is different from the grade of ethanol reagent used in conventional laboratories, and there is often no inventory. Although standard laboratory grade ethanol is cheaper than isopropanol, the purity of standard grade ethanol is not sufficient to safely clean electronic equipment. Although the mineral content is extremely low, trace minerals remaining in standard grade ethanol during the manufacturing process can have a harmful effect on laboratory electronic equipment, although the damage is far less than that caused by exposure to water. Ultra-pure ethanol used to clean electronic equipment. The ethanol has removed all excess minerals and is much more expensive.

The standard specification of isopropanol does not require any additions, does not contain salt impurities, and is easy to obtain. Its excellent purity characteristics make it safer to clean the most sensitive electronic components (such as sensors and exposed semiconductor materials) choose.

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