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Wet Wipes - A Woman's Best Friend

2015-11-03 09:42:55

In the beginning, Alcohol Free Wet Wipes were most often used around the nursery to help with cleaning up babies, especially at diaper change time. These wipes were also very useful in helping to sooth a baby's skin from diaper rash due to skin exposure to urine in a wet diaper. They also proved to be good at helping to prevent babies from getting rashes between diaper changes. Mothers then started using them as a way to clean up a baby during the day at meal time or when they had dirty hands and faces. This product was a breakthrough because it provided many different ways to save time in the nursery. They were easy to use and disposable, making them a perfect way to reduce laundry loads as well as knowing that they were extremely efficient in other areas of the nursery.


Before long, women started using them in other areas of the house. They found that Feminine Hygiene Wipes to be an efficient way to dust items in the house and found they did a superior job when compared to normal dusters. Normal dusters often left trace amounts of dust behind. Women found them very handy for cleaning up spills in the kitchen and not leaving any leftover marks. Soap and water or any other cleaning agent was not needed. They were a quick way to clean up spills immediately and easily. Women stated to realize there were more uses for these wipes and started to use them from removing makeup at the end of the day. They were effective at removing all makeup and leaving their face feeling refreshed. Next they found that they were great for removing white deodorant stains from clothing, as well as using them for normal stain removal on clothes. If their shoes were a little dirty or scuffed up, the wipes would fix that in no time at all. Then they found one of the best uses of all. By putting them in the refrigerator, so they were nice and cold, they found them a great way to get instant relief from hot flashes.

Intimate Cleansing Wipes

When children got older mothers discovered other uses for Natural Smell Baby Wipes. When children discovered crayons and walls, they thought it was a perfect match. Parents didn't, and before long wipes were being used to stifle children's creativity and direct it more toward an easel than a wall. Wipes quickly and easily removed all those crayon marks in a flash. When children are in cars it's almost inevitable that spills will happen and wipes are a fast way to clean up spills as well as soaking them up from the car's upholstery. If children's Sunday best shoes got dirty or scuffed, they could quickly be cleaned with wipes. Best of all they came in handy when children started to come home with scrapes or knee burns. Wipes could immediately clean up the area and anti-bacterial wipes provided protection from germs entering the affected area.


When away from home traveling or in the office, wet wipes again found many uses. While traveling in the car they are excellent for cleaning hands and faces after eating out at a drive through. When using public restrooms they help to clean up and sanitize areas that are less than desirable, and when there is no toilet paper available they make a perfect substitute. They're also great for cleaning steering wheels, which get dirty and grimy over time, from hands that perspire. In the office, they help to sterilize phones, after others have used them and can keep a desk top germ free. They're great for helping to keep you feel fresh and clean throughout the day. Last, but not least, wet wipes are biodegradable and can be flushed even if you are on a septic tank system.   

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