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Prepare Body cleaning bath wipes to solve your outdoor shower

2021-03-18 18:12:00

People always need to take a shower to keep the skin clean and healthy everyday.  And we also like to use the disinfectant and antibacterial shower gel to solve the potential skin hygiene problem.

Most people could easily take a bath for body cleansing usually. You just need a shower nozzle and some hot water or clean cold water.  Or you enjoy the shower in a bath tub.  Maybe you didn’t notice that there is special people who can’t take care of themselves to take a shower or no place to take a bath on a trip or outdoor. Today we ECOEON Technology show you one solution for body cleaning.

We know that there is some bad injury patient laid on the bed, old people, some disabled people who can not take a shower easily everyday, but they really need to take a shower to solve the body cleansing and skin hygiene problem everyday.  Same needs happen to some outdoor worker or hiking, mountaineering, camping people in the nature.

Our solution is that we made a easy to carry and disposable convenient body cleaning bath wet wipes. The inner bath wipes are pre-moistened by the formula shower cleaning liquid which could offer people the fast and quickly body cleaning by using this wet wipes. The liquid is certificated by ISO9001 and CE certificated, It is rinse free bath wipes.  You just tear and open the packing and take 1 pieces wet wipe to scrub on your skin for 1-2 minutes. Then wait it dry naturally. The inner wipes is soft and thick that is really good for body skin cleaning use.

This clean wet wipes could be used whole body cleaning,  not head and hair cleaning included.  Use more wet bath wipes if there is heavy dirty skin area.

There is 8 count wet wipe in the bag. Of course, we can do less or more gr the packing by following our customer advice.

So now you don’t need a shower room, a tub, several liter of water ,10 minutes’ time to take a bath anymore, You just need one bag of the rinse free body cleaning bath wipes anytime anywhere.  The nurse don’t need spend so much time moving the patient or old people to shower room and long time cleansing for them.

We offer you private label service for any wet wipes on our website.

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