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Getting Your Home Very Clean

2016-02-25 11:41:22

Made from recycled clothing and textiles they are an environmentally friendly alternative to Disposable Lint Free Cleaning Cloth, and are not going to fall apart at the slightest sign of water and can be reused time and time again. Now let's address the disposable products that most of us use to clean.

 Lens Cleaning Microfiber Cloths

Paper towels should be replaced by Suede Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. I found a 5 pack of micro-fiber cloths at a local discount store. The total cost was only $3. I have used these cloths over and over again. They clean glass better than paper towels. You just have to keep wiping until the glass is dry to prevent streaking. I used to go through a lot of paper towels when cleaning the bathrooms. Now I just use one microfiber cloth per bathroom. I start with the cleanest thing - the mirror, then move on to the counter, shower door, and finally the toilet seat. Then the cloth goes right into the wash.

I have a Swiffer floor duster and a Pledge furniture duster that I absolutely love. Now, I use washable fleece covers on both instead of the disposable cloths. I made the covers from leftover fleece. If you don't have any scraps of fleece, you can also buy fleece blankets at the dollar store to make this project. All you need is a sewing machine, or a needle and thread. There is not much to it. I have posted the pattern on my website..

I use a Micro Fiber Swivel Mop (As seen on TV). It came with two washable mop pads. The pads are very durable, and do a nice job scrubbing. I rinse the mop pads in my homemade all purpose cleaner and do all of my floors, including tile, laminate wood floors and linoleum. I find that this mop works much better than the Swiffer for mopping. The disposable cleaning pads for the Swiffer always left a residue on my floors, which seemed to attract dirt.

To clean my stainless steel appliances, I use a cotton cloth that has been treated with baby oil. The salesman at the appliance store recommended baby oil to clean stainless steel, and it leaves a beautiful shine. I squirted a small amount of baby oil onto the cloth (you could use a t-shirt, or anything that is lint-free), and sealed it in a Ziploc bag. This helps the oil "diffuse" into the cloth. You don't want too much oil, just a small amount on the cloth. Then just buff your appliances clean, and store the cloth in the Ziploc bag. You can use the cloth over and over, and wash it if it becomes soiled. Just re-apply the oil and seal it up again.

There you have Lens Cleaning Microfiber Cloths, all of my tricks for keeping my home clean while saving money.

For more money saving tips, visit my website at cleanwetwipes.

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