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Feminine Hygiene wipes

Feminine Hygiene wipes

Feminine Hygiene Supplier

2018-01-17 09:18:01

As a China Wet Wipe manufacturer,  Ecoeon Technology always produce and supply high quality wet wipes products. The feminine hygiene theme is more and more popular these years. Female care more their own healthy problem.

As a feminine hygiene supplier, we manufacture feminine hygiene wet wipes.

feminine hygiene wet wipes

The wet wipe material come from 100% biodegradable nonwoven fabric material which is natural fiber come from plant.  The fabric is really soft and nice for skin cleansing and body skincare.   And the fabric is soaked in our patented ingredient formula,  there is many plant extract which protect the skin safely. And there is individually wrapped package and multi-pack package for option,  it is pocket pouch size and travel pack size which allow the user to take several pieces of feminine wet wipes anywhere outdoor.

The wet wipes product will be very useful and helpful outdoor or on travelling.

Except for the feminine wipes, we also supply refreshing wet wipes, toilet use wet wipes, facial and hand wipes,e.t.c

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