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Disinfecting Wet Wipes

Disinfecting Wet Wipes

Disinfecting and cleaning your cellphone and mouse

2021-12-16 12:06:20
Health hazards caused by keyboard and mouse, cellphone

Everyone may wish to recall, have you had the experience of eating and working in front of the computer? Is it because you often find strands of hair coming out of the gap between the keyboard? Is it sometimes accidental to spill coffee on the mouse? These will cause the keyboard, The mouse has gradually become the nearest place to hide dirt. Coupled with the hard-to-find sweat, oil, spit, stars, and dust, if our eyes are a microscope, we will definitely find that the mouse and keyboard are simply trash cans.
A lot of dust and bacteria will accumulate on the mouse every day, so you can wipe it with paper before using the mouse, it will be much cleaner and the bacteria will be reduced a lot.
There may be more bacteria on the mouse than on your hands. When you often use the mouse, there will be dust, dead skin on your hands, bacteria, etc. fear,
The mobile phone becomes sticky after playing for a long time, which may be caused by sweating of the hand, or it may be caused by the secretion of oil from the pores on the palm, which causes the phenomenon of stickiness. It may also be that there is dust on your hands, which is occupying the phone.
When the weather is very hot in summer, or some people like to sweat their hands, when they touch the phone for a long time, the screen of the phone will be sticky and sticky. It is also possible that some people have oily skin, and the skin will often get oil, including hands, which can happen when oil gets on the phone.

Investigations have shown that computer keyboards are rarely cleaned, and the number of microorganisms per square centimeter is 510, while toilet toilets are regularly disinfected, and the number of microorganisms per square centimeter is less than 8. Therefore, in a sense, computer keyboards are better than toilets. It's dirty.
The germs spread by these garbage dumps may cause skin diseases, especially the skin of the hands that are in close contact with the keyboard and mouse. It has also been clinically found that these bacteria can easily attack our eyes when our resistance is weak, causing pinkeye. In addition, these bacteria may also cause gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea.
Spray the keyboard and mouse with alcohol to disinfect them and then go to dust. The keyboard, mouse, and mobile phone are the most dirty and have the most bacteria. It is recommended to disinfect them with 75-degree alcohol twice a week.

Keyboard cleaning method
The easiest way: every day before leaving get off work, turn the keyboard back and gently tap, shake the dust in the gap into the trash basket.
Small writing brush: Prepare a small writing brush in the office. Use the writing brush to clean the dust and soot in the crevices of the keyboard regularly.
Inflator: Put a small inflator for playing hydrogen balloons in the office. You can use the inflator to blow out the dust in the keyboard every week to avoid accumulation.
Special cleaner: prepare a small bottle of keyboard cleaner, and wipe the keyboard surface with a cotton swab dipped in some. The special cleaner will not corrode the surface of the keyboard, nor will it hurt the skin of your fingers.

Mouse cleaning method
Clean the mechanical mouse with alcohol: The ball inside the mechanical mouse is easily contaminated with a lot of dust, which not only affects the use, but also becomes a dust gathering area. Turn on the mouse, pour out the ball, wipe with alcohol, and dry; then clean the internal slide rail with alcohol to reduce dust. Wait for the alcohol to completely evaporate before loading.
Optical mouse cleaning the bald head: The cleaning process of the optical mouse is simpler. You can clean the bald head of the mouse with a cotton swab dipped in special detergent or alcohol.

if you think above cleansing methods are not enough convenient,  you can use Ecoeon's alcohol wipes.  Just take out severl wet wipes for cleansing,  the inner wipe are pre-wetted 75% Alcohol solution.  Not only cleansing, but also disinfecting your device very conveniently.

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