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medical wet wipes

Cheap and Quick Effective Toilet Cleansing Solution

2022-08-03 16:50:03

Cheap and Quick Effective Toilet Cleansing Solution

The toilet are the most important part in your life.

You need to use several times each day.   Everyone want a clean and healthy perfect toilet.

Well, truth thing is that it is a hard job while you clean your toilet each time.     and it may also cause some unpleasant odor in your bathroom.     People always would like to save time and money while they are trying to solve a problem.

Brush cleaning and cleaner cleansing,  mop cleaning is the common cleansing solution,   but it really take much time and cost to clean your toilet each time.     Ecoeon Technology recommend you a better and perfect cleaning solution.   That is alcohol wet wipes.   yep, you just need a box or pack of alcohol wipes.   Cheap and quick and very effective cleaning solution for your toilet cleansing.

The alcohol wipes must be soaked with 70% Alcohol at least,   the 75% alcohol wipes will be better.       but the alcohol wipes will not work if the alcohol content less than 70% concertation.    so you need remmber this point.    because fake alcohol wipes will not kill any germs and bacteria at all,    Remember that.

The alcohol will kill 99.9% bateria on the surface of toilet,  meanwhile it could easily take away the urine drops and stains on the toilet seat.  and the soft alochol wet wipes could remove odor and leave your bathroom fresh and clean.    You just need seconds to tear a pouch of alcohol wipes and then finish the cleaning and disinfection job in seconds,  then your toilet cleaning job is done.    It is a really great and cheap, fast, disinfecting toilet way in daily life.

Ecoeon Technology Co Ltd always help the oversea clients to build their own brand of wet wipe business,  Offering you professional private label service with small minimum order quantity.   High quality wet wipes with good price will be the best way that Ecoeon Technology could help you to grow the wet wipes business.

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