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Disinfecting Wet Wipes

Disinfecting Wet Wipes

70% Alcohol disinfectant wipes

2021-05-18 17:44:13

The sticky earphone may be the source of hearing problem.

Earphone and headset is very popular in the young group these years.  Everyone enjoy the music with earphones,  but there is a serious problem.  The hearing problem may be caused by the earphones.

How harmful is earphones to the hearing? How to use headphones correctly?
The ear is composed of three parts: the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. The outer ear receives external sounds, causes the tympanic membrane to vibrate along the ear canal, transmits the sound to the inner ear, and then transmits the sound to the auditory center of the brain through the auditory nerve, so that the sound is heard.

Wearing earphones for a long time does harm to ears, especially hearing.

(1) There is a certain degree of pressure on the external ear canal
Causes ischemia and produces an itchy sensation. At this time, many people will dig out their ears, causing further damage to the ear canal barrier. If things go on like this, it will increase the risk of infection.

(2) Make the environment in the ear canal moist and hot
This creates conditions suitable for the reproduction of bacteria and fungi. If coupled with the damage of the skin barrier, it will lead to the occurrence of otitis externa.

(3) Lead to hearing loss
Short-distance, long-term, high-volume stimulation will damage the hair cells, and the hair cells do not have the ability to regenerate, their number is fixed, and the hearing loss will be permanent once it dies.

The contact area of in-ear headphones is small, and the pressure on the inside of the cochlea is large; the headphone contact area is large, the pressure is small, and the stimulation of the cochlear ciliary cells is relatively small, and it is safer.

The World Health Organization recommends that when using headphones, the volume should generally not exceed 60% of the maximum volume. It is best to adjust it to a lower level to avoid excessively irritating the ears; it is safer to not exceed 60 minutes a day, so you should wear headphones less. It is advisable to listen intermittently, so that the ears are fully rested.

How to disinfecting and cleaning your sticky earphone?

The earphone surface are easy to make bacteria breed rapidly, because there are many skin particles and grease gathered around on the headset surface.  And the bacteria is very easy to survie on the earphone.   that is why you found the surface is always sticky.   then it will hurt your ear and hearing.   You need to disinfecting and cleanng the earphone regularly each day.

The disinfecting wipes are very easy to take and use for cleansing and disinfecting use.  it will kill 99.9% bacteria and virus on the earphone surface.

Earphone cleaning and disinfecting wipes

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