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Biodegradable Wet Wipe is real Eco-Friendly fabric material? Find answer here.

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Biodegradable Wet Wipe is real Eco-Friendly fabric material? Find answer here.


The truth of 100% biodegradable wet wipes

More and more people care the environment problem and pollution problem these years.

And You can see more and more wet wipes produdct claimed their own wet wipe material are biodegradable fabric and Eco-friendly option.   We will explore the truth of real biodegradabel fabric today.

Many customer and users don't know much about the difference of wet wipe material,    they do want to do some little thing to protect the environment from themself,   so they choose to buy eco-friendly and biodegradable wet wipes product,  that is good thing,  but the they should tell from the truth wet wipes product first.     Actually,  there are many wet wipes product which are made with different fabric material,  you can't tell difference from the package and wipe material itself if you are not professional man in this field.    So how to do?

Please check below picture first.

Yes, it is one burnt fabric material,  That is just one ture biodegradable fabric material.    Because the burnt ash looks like one paper burnt ash.      Indeed,  nearly all eco-friendly biodegradable wipe material are made with plant fiber,  it is very similar to the paper material. So the plant fiber come from the natural plant,  the used wet wipe material is just plant fiber, it will degrade itself and harmless to the Earth.   It the simplest metod to test one wet wipe/fabric if it is really eco-friendly biodegradable wipe or not.

The burnt ash will looks like plastic thing burnt ash if the wet wipe/fabric material is not biodegradabel material.

Ecoeon Technology focus on manufacture and supply different wet wipes product,  The eco-friendly biodegradable wet wipes product included.     Ecoeon Technolgy supply the 100% biodegradable wipe material which are certificated by FSC-COC (Forest Stewardship Council-Chain of custody).

Ecoeon Technology focus on private label service for wet wipes product, Just contact us if you are looking for one wet wipes manufacutrer and supplier.

FSC certificate

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