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SMT Stencil Cleaning Wiper Paper Roll
  • ItemNO :DW-5010
  • Payment :T/T , West Union , Paypal
  • Product Origin :China
  • Color :White
  • Shipping Port :Shenzhen,Shanghai
  • Lead Time :1-2 weeks
  • Order(MOQ) :100
Product Detail

Product Name: The SMT stencil wiping paper/wipe

Model: DW-5010

Material: Non-woven

Color: white

Composition: 55% Wood pulp + 45% polyester fiber

Certification: ISO, SGS, RoHs

Shape: Roll

Gram Weight: 50-68gsm

The SMT stencil wiping paper/wipe is made by the 55% wood pulp & 45% polyester ,  or 100% polypropylene, or viscose & polyester.   3 kinds of wipe material for option.

The gram weight of wipe could be:   50gsm, 56gsm, 68gsm, etc different material for choosing.

SMT Stencil Cleaning Roll Core:    Card Paper Core/ Plastic core

Paper Roll Cloth Width and Length: different size could be customized.

Different machine SMT Stencil Cleaning Wiper Paper Roll is availabel, such as DEK, Panasonic, MPM, MINAMI, EKRA, etc.

Product Features of the SMT stencil cleaning wipes

1. The SMT stencil cleaning wipes is very tough and durable, high water and oil absorption, soft, Lint free and anti-static properties.

2. The material is very soft make sure no any scratches and damage the surface of the object.

3. Compatible with the cleaning solution.

4. Super absorbent ability  four times faster than ordinary cotton rag.

5. Efficient removal of stains, degreasing ability, Ther SMT cleaning wipes did not contain any chemical adhesives.


It is a high standard SMT stencil cleaning wipe, It is a professional SMT cleaning wiper for the the electronics industry dedicated printed circuit board SMT .  The wiper can effectively remove the buildup in the press stencil, circuit boards excess solder paste, red plastic, holding an electronic circuit board spotless, thereby greatly reducing the scrap rate.

It greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.

It can be used for cleaning the brand of MPM, DEK, KME, YAMAHA, MINAMI, JUKI, EKRA, PANASERT, FUJI, SANYO and all other automatic printing models.

Such as below:

 Model  Size  Liner pipe
 PANASONIC  350㎜×20m  Φ38㎜×355㎜
 PANASONIC  360㎜×10m  Φ38㎜×360㎜
 PANASONIC   270㎜×10m  Φ38㎜×280㎜
 YAMAHA  410㎜×30m  Φ25.5㎜×420㎜
 YAMAHA  350㎜×10m  Φ25.5㎜×350㎜
 MINAMI  270㎜×5m  Φ8㎜×290㎜
 MINAMI  350㎜×6m  Φ8㎜×370㎜
 EKRA  300㎜×8m  Φ13.5㎜×300㎜
 EKRA  450㎜×8m  Φ13.5㎜×450㎜
 ASKA  350㎜×10m  Φ14㎜×450㎜
 ASKA  430㎜×10m  Φ14㎜×450㎜ 
 MPM  300㎜×10m   Φ19.5㎜×455㎜
 MPM  443㎜×10m  Φ19.5㎜×455㎜
 MPM  600㎜×10m  Φ19.5㎜×615㎜
 DEK  300㎜×10m  Φ20㎜×530㎜
 DEK  500㎜×10m  Φ20㎜×530㎜
 SAMSUNG  400㎜×7m  Φ20㎜×460㎜



The  width, length and lined pipe diameter, length can be customized by the customer requirement and SMT model.

Welcome to send us a inquiry.

SMT stencil cleaning roll wipes


SMT stencil cleaning roll wipes

SMT cleaning paper wiper

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