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The 3D Printer Plate Cleaning Wet Wipes
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The 3D printer plate cleaning wet wipes 

The 3D printer is very popular these years.

The 3D printer is much different from the traditional printer.   

The 3D printer plate is easy to smudged because of the flowing things.    The residue and particle is hard to clean by water or dry wipes.   

So we designed a professional wet wipes for the 3D plate.


1. The size of the inner wet wipe is 15×20 cm,  the sachet size is 6.5×8 cm.   

Sachet material: Foil aluminum

The packing: 40 sachets/box.   

Shelf life: 3-5 years

2. The wipes is moisten by the 70% IPA solution(Isopropyl Alcohol).   

  It is easy to remove the glue things,  sticky things, residue, particle.

3. The Isopropyl alcohol is a strong disinfectant solution.   

4. Certificated by CE, RoHs, FDA, ISO 9001.     

5.The surface will looks like brand new and shine after the cleaning. 

6. Welcome to OEM/ODM order.   

   we can do the customized packing for you.


This 3D printer plate cleaning wet wipes is good to clean the 3D printer.

And it is could be used for cleaning the Inkjet printer, thermal printer, laser printer, Re-transfer thermal printer, e.t.c

3D printer plate cleaning wipes

3D printer cleaning wiper

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