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Vehicle Cleaning Wet Wipes In Canister
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Refresh Hygiene vehicular car cleaning wet wipes in canister (50pcs/canister)

Stylish and practical car cleaning products.


Because there is no water on the car, so it is not convenient to wash hand or face when you drive for a long time.

So A Refresh hygiene vehicular car cleaning wet wiper is very necessary on the car.

The vehicular car wipes can be refilled after exhausted.  

When you driving In the car, there is  a lot of things can not be avoided:

1. Drive a long-distance and you feel very tired.
2. The strong sunshine make the seat and steering wheel to be very hot.
3. The little child kicked the front dashboard and door, so it is dirty.
4. The soot accidentally fell on pants.

5. The dust flew into the car while the car window open. There is dust and particle everywhere.

6. Your hands or clothes  is stick by the dirty oil.
7. Stepped on mud, The carpet is not clean anymore.

 If you have the car cleaning wet wipes in the car on these moments, All problem will be solved.

Maybe you can also take out one pieces of wet wipe for cleaning your face, then wiped your hands, and then clean the dashboard and steering wheel, and finally you can wipe shoes ...  

One pieces of wet wipes for several cleansing.

Everything is clean as new.

Packing:  50pcs/canister,   Or 80pcs/box. 

Welcome to ask us for a Private label order.

Small MOQ and Nice High quality wet wipe series for you.

Car cleaning wet wipes in canister

Car cleaning wet wipes


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