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Travel Size Pack Surface Disinfection Wipes 40pcs
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Travel Size Pack Surface Disinfection Wipes 40pcs/bag 


This surface disinfection wipes can kill intestinal bacteria, pyogenic bacteria, pathogenic yeasts, hepatitis virus, influenza virus, HIV, hospital infection common bacteria, viruses and the like.


Prevent bacterial resistance, enhanced bactericidal activity Lasting effect.
Expand the range of antibacterial spectrum and antibacterial effect than a single fungicide at the same concentration.
Compared with other disinfectant wipes,  Our wet wipe use the lower Bactericidal  concentration and have low toxicity, irritation, low corrosivity, low odor, good water solubility. Good Surface activity,strong permeability, easy to clean, easy to use.

Stable performance and our wipe is not easy to break down,Good biodegradability, environmental pollution.


This surface disinfectant wipes is good use for the Hospital intensive care unit (ICU), burn unit, hemodialysis purification center, operating room, treatment room and other key sections of the working table, bedside cabinets and other surfaces wipe disinfection, treatment of car surface treatment dental chair unit, etc. 

Surface hemodialysis machine, ventilator, stethoscope and other medical equipment surface disinfection;
Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, neonatal incubators wipe disinfection;
Other general surface wipe disinfection.
Doctor, Hospital workers and patient hands, skin disinfection use.

Packing:  40pcs/bag

Also supply 10pcs/bag, 20pcs/bag, 25pcs/bag,  e.t.c

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