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The 2 Steps Dry And Wet Double Packed Cleaning Wipes
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The One & Two 2 Steps double packed cleaning wipes


We have much individually packed cleaning wet series. But there is some customer have a big demand for the double packed wipes.

It is consist of one dry and one wet wipes.   

Both wipes is individually packed,  just put the 2 together.

The Dry and wet wipes have the same inner wipe size and sachet size.

The difference is that the wet wipes is moisten by the cleaning solution,the dry one is not.


First you need use the wet wipes for cleaning,   Then you can use the dry one to collect the extra liquid. And the Dry wipes could polish the cleaning surface.   

Is it necessary to make a 2 step wet and dry wipes ?

There is some stubborn dirt is hard to clean,  there is different kinds of dirt on the area, Some is easy to clean by Wet wipes, some is not. Such like the used oil,  Obviously, The dry wipes is better to absorb the liquid/oil.



This dry and wet wipes is good for cleaning the electronic device such as Mobile phone, computer, laptop, Auto car glass and interior parts,Office device, Kitchen things,  e.t.c


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