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Suede Lens Wipes
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Reusable Suede Lens Wiper


It is a professional slap-up cleaning wiper for expensive and ordinary Lens and mirror cleansing.

It is easily to remove dust and fingerprint, sebum on the surface of the Lens and glass.

The suede wiper is very soft which make sure no scratch the surface.    

This Suede wiper have strong liquid absorbency property.  

The essential material of the suede wiper is 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

Function And Features of the suede cloths

1, Extend the life of the lens or glass.

2, Lint free suede wiper, Leave no liquid trace after cleaning.

3, Complete removal of residue of stubborn stains on the lens.

4, Fast and convenient cleaning. 

5, Keep the lens anti-bacteria after cleaning,   Having the disinfection function.

6, It could be cleaned for the Lens, glass, resin material glasses, mirrors and other glass surfaces, remove stains, absorbs oil.

7, This suede wiper could be wrapped for the lens and glasses .  It is effectively prevent scratch damage collision or sharp hard objects.

8, Absorbing the air water and keep lens dry.

The suede wiper is reusable cloths.   

You can wash the suede wipes after it is get dirty.


The Suede lens cleaning cloth is best to use laundry detergent. Don't use the tap water.



Size:  we can accept any customized size as you required

Color: customized color as you required.

Packing: 100pcs/box

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