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Spunlaced Nonwoven Cleanroom M3 Wiper
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Spunlaced Nonwoven Cleanroom M-3 Viscose and Polyester Wiper


1. The surface of M-3 wiper was porous structure, more sophisticated object used to wipe the surface;

2. Low-dust, low water release ions, difficult to produce a chemical reaction, wipe good effect, high storage capacity, soft pure, blended with anti-static function.

3. As a daily cleaning fluid for all-purpose wet wipe paper, there are efficient water absorption, No damage to the surface;

4. In the dry and wet state have high humidity.

5. Antacid, the number of chemical reagents Kang Da.

6. Low Dust Antistatic can effectively control the amount of static electricity.

7. Can be used multiple times. Economical and clean revolution, is the most widely used in the electronics industry wiping paper.

Ingredients:  20% viscose, 80% polyester; 

Gram Weight: 38 grams/square meter; 

Color: white

Wipe Size:  250 mm  * 250 mm 

Packing: 100PCS / bag ,   30 bags / box

The Material Properties of the M-3 Wipe

1. The water absorption: 282CC / M2,    59P / cubic feet

2. Cleanroom applicable Series: 1000-10000 grade.

3. Ratio of raw materials: 100% Viscose

4. Weight (G / M2): 38

5. Breaking strength: 48.5 / 5 * 10CM  CD;  18.3 / 5 * 10CM

6. Elongation at break: 20.5% CD: 50.6%

7. Thickness: 0.50MM

8. Absorption time: 1.2 seconds

9. Water absorption: 8.9G / G

10.Wear: 30 rpm

The advantage of the M-3 viscose and polyester wiper

Non-adhesive and chemical additions, lint, fiber easy to fall off, the low amount of dust.

Unique mesh design, stronger dust; soft, not easy to wipe scratches, no damage to the surface; 

Super Absorbency; 

low ionic content; 

excellent breaking strength, 


and efficient; 


1. Dedicated to the use of acetone solvent wipe, do not react.

2. Does not contain binders and chemical additives, lint, fibers not falling, the amount of dust is low.

3. Unique mesh design, content and strong dust

4. Softness and scratching-free

5. Ion content is low

6. Anti-Pull and Tear-Resistant

7. High absorbency

Application of the M3 wiper

Electronics industry,

Clean room wipes, 

Printing industry, 

SMT stencil wiping and precision instruments; 

Clean rooms factory, 

Laboratories, laboratory, 

Semiconductor production line, chips, microprocessors,

LCD display products, circuit board production line, 

Precision instruments,

Optical products, factory, 

Circuit boards, 

Liquid crystal panel manufacturing,

Precision instruments Manufacturing CLASS 1000 - CLASS 100000 dust-free environment for particulate control in strict clean environment for clean precision equipment, disc type mirror and other items.

 CLeanroom lint free M-3 wiper

Industrial cleaning M3 wipes




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