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Pop Up Boxed Automotive Cleaning Wipes
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The POP UP Boxed Designed Oil Absorption Blue Industrial Polypylene Cleaning Cloth Wiper

The High Performance Oil absorption wipe is designed to meet the needs of more exacting tasks and more critical environment.

The Industrial wiper has good chemical resistant to acids and caustics , the wiper could be used with solvents or water-based sanitisers used to wipe and prep surfaces.

The blue wipes will not discolour while cleaning.


Wipe size: 300X350mm,   More size welcome to customized.

Material: 100% polypropylene

Color: Blue

1. The POP UP Oil Absorption Industrial Polypylene Cleaning Clothis made in high technology material Meltblown           Polypropylene. Meanwhile, it could absorb 8 times oil stain of itself weight because of surface active agent.
2. Wiping all solvent without lint, such as oil stain, water.
3. Repeatedly use after washing.
4. Convenient pop-up packing could control the using quality.
5. Cleanser could be used.
6. Packing with roll could be used in all kinds of working situation and save money.      


The POP UP Oil Absorption Industrial Polypylene Cleaning Cloth is Widely applied for printing, electronics, machinery, electric machines, mold processing, automobiles, aviation, petrochemical, plastics, laboratory, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Boxed packing blue industrial wipes

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