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Why the individually pack of wet wipe is better than the bulk pack ones?


Why the individually pack of wet wipe is better than the bulk pack ones?

Are baby wipes safe for your baby?

What do you use to wipe your baby bottom? What about her face?

If you are like a large percentage of parents, chances are you wiping your babies with disposable baby wipes. The wipes are convenient and relatively inexpensive, but could they be causing allergic outbreaks?

Several children have been diagnosed with an allergy to a certain preservative found in many brands of baby wipes. This chemical, methylisothiazolinone (MI), has been found to be the cause of angry, red rashes in multiple children. It hard to say if there are more cases of this allergy that are currently being diagnosed as something else, like eczema. More of the story can be found here, including a fairly graphic picture of one of the diagnosed rashes.

Unfortunately, when you opt for the convenience of a packaged, disposable wipe, you find it next to impossible to find one that does not have chemical preservatives present in the ingredient list. The preservatives are necessary for inhibiting mold growth in the dark, wet environment that is your wipes box. I was able to find wipes at one point that were made only with water and grape seed extract, but haven been able to find them for quite some time.

Good news is that we could offer all kinds of individually packed wet wipes for you.

There is no preservative in the individually wrapped bag,  because it is disposable wet wipe which don't need keep it long while opening.

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