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  • Individually Wrapped Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Individually Wrapped Household Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Individually packing household cleaning wet wipes It is a pre-wetted household cleaning wet wipe.    This wet wipes have strong Anti-bacterial and disinfectant features. It could kill most of bad Bacteria, Fungus and Virus and it is very easy to remove dust, oil, spot.  e.t.c It is a individually packed multi purpose cleaning wet wipe. We recommend it to use to clean the screen, computer, Mobile phone, TV, DV,   Kitchen, Car interior,glass, e.t.c

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  • The optical fiber line cleaning wipes

    The Optical Fiber And Cable Cleaning Wet Wipes

    The Optical Fiber and Cable cleaning wet wipes. We specially design this optical fiber and cable cleaning wet wipes. The wipes were pre-saturated with IPA(Isopropyl Alcohol) solution. So it is wet IPA cleaning wipe. It is glue-removing, Insulated cleanness, decontaminative cleanness wet wipe.

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  • The currency counter cleaning wipe

    The Currency Counter Cleaning Wet Wipes

    The Currency counter device cleaning wet wipes It is a wet wipe designed for cleaning the Currency counter machine. Remove the dirt and dust,oil, glue from the reader head in the cash counting machine. It is recommended to cleaning the check scanner, detector machine,  all kinds of currency counter and money counting device.

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  • The blood sampling collection wipes

    The Blood Collection Cleaning Wet Wipes

    The Blood collection cleaning wet wipes It is a professional cleaning wet wipe for skin care when you do the blood collection. It is a disinfectant wipe which make sure the skin disinfected and hygiene.

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  • The Sting Relief cleaning wet prep wipes

    The Sting Relief Prep Pads

    The Sting Relief prep pads This wet wipe is effective to sting relief. This wet wipe is good for pain relief.

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  • Powerful Degreasing cleaning wipes

    Powerful Degreasing Cleaning Wipes

    Degreasing cleaning wet wipes It is very easy to remove the greasing on the engine, leather, dashboard in the car. No residue after cleaning. Fast dry and , streak free.

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  • Leather and Upholstery cleaning wet cloth

    Leather Care Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Leather and Upholstery cleaning wet wipes This wet wipe is designed for cleaning the leather and upholstery parts in the car. It is good for cleaning the leather seat, leather and upholstery parts on the Dashboards. It is an antibacterial and disinfectant wet wipe for the car interior.

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  • Newborn tiny baby wipes

    Professional For The 1 to 6 Months Baby Wipes

    Professional for the 1 to 6 months Age Group Skincare Baby Wipes There are different age groups' baby need different kinds of Baby wipes. The 1 month's old baby skin is much different from the 1 year's old baby skin. So the baby wipe need to be divided to different stage of baby wipes.

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  • The Self Tanning Wet wiper

    The Bronze Self Tanning Wet Wipes

    The Sunless Self Tanning Wet Wipes This Self Tanning wet wipe which is helping you to get a sexy bronze color. Applying this Sunless tanning wet wipes on the skin,   your skin will change after 2-4 hours. Self tan wet wipes for body beauty.  Self taning wipes and tanning lotion for you.This tanning wet wipe is very convenient, easy to use and efficient self tanner product.

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  • The Sunless Tanning Wet Towelette

    The Sunless Self Tanning Wet Towel

    The Sunless Self Tanning Wet Wipes 20pcs This Self Tanning wet wipe which is helping you to get a sexy bronze color. It is bulk packing,  It could apply the neck and back parts. Your skin will change after 2-4 hours.

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  • Suede Lens cleaning cloths

    Microfiber Suede Lens Cleaning Wipes

    Reusable Suede Lens cleaning wiper It is a suede lens cleaning wiper. It was designed for a dry and reusable cleaning cloths for all kinds of Lens and glasses cleansing. It is a lint free wiper.

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  • Suede Lens cleaning wipes

    Suede Lens Cleaning Cloths

    Reusable Suede Lens cleaning cloths It is a lint free suede lens wipe. The super soft material of the suede wiper make sure no scratching the surface of Lens or glass.

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