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  • Pocket Size Antiseptic Wet Towels

    Antiseptic Sanitizing Hand Wipes With Aloe Vera and Green Tea

    It is great personal hygiene hand care and skincare antibacterial moist wipes with Aloe Vera and green tea. It is a alcohol free antiseptic sanitizing hand towels

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  • Creative Condom mini wet wipes

    Creative Condom Wipes

    It is creative individually wrapped pocket mini wet wipes. The packing bag is very similar to the condom packing. we called it is Not Condom wet wipes.

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  • Natural flushable cleaning wet wipes for adults

    Biodegradable Flushable Wipes

    Natural Care Best Flushable Wet Wipes Which offer you a fast confidently clean and fresh clean.  This flushable wipes could be used for cleaning the body skin, face, hands, bottom. It is a good flushable wipes instead of the toilet paper.

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  • Hypoallergenic baby wipes

    Skincare Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes

    Skincare No Irritation Soft Natural Smell Baby Wipes The baby wet wipe is great to take care of the baby skin. The baby wet wipes are moisten by the neutral cleaning solution. No Irritation on the baby Skin.

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  • Disposable Bath Towel Supplier

    Private Label For Disposable Bath Towel

    Private Label For Disposable Bath Towel It is 100% biodegradable plant fiber disposable bath towel for travelling, Yacht, SPA, Outdoor Swimming.     This bath towel have great water absorbency ability which make sure it remove extra water in the body in Yacht.    Disposable bath towel is very healthy to use and prevent cross infection.     Make sure the user enjoy swimming on the sea when you go yachting.  A high quality bath towel certificated by ISO, FDA. SGS.

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  • Hair Color remove wet wipes

    Hair Color Remover Wipes

    It is a professional hair color remover moist wipes. This wipe is easy to remove the stain on the ear,neck and face. Safe to use and fast clean.

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  • Wet Wipes box with silicone sealing

    Wholesales For Wet Wipe Plastic Box with Silicone Seal

    It is wet wipes holder and storage plastic box.   You can put one soft pack of wet wipes in this plastic box. There is silicone sealing opening design in this box in order to stop the inner wet wipes drying out.

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  •  All Purpose use Cleansing Wet Wipes

    Biodegradable Flushable All Purpose Cleansing Wet Wipes

    Biodegradable Flushable All Purpose Cleansing Wet Wipes It is all purpose use biodegradable cleansing wet wipes. Great for different surface cleansing and disinfecting use.   Harmless for skin. Safe to clean sensitive surface.

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  • Factory direct supply and Private Label for wet wipes

    Private Label Service And OEM Order For Wet Wipes

    Private Label Service And OEM Order For Wet Wipes We offer the OEM service and Private Label for all kinds of wet wipes

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  • Biodegradable Flushable Butt Wet Wipes

    Flushable Butt Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Flushable and Biodegradable Butt Wet Wipes It is a professional butt cleaning use wet wipes.  The fresh smell wet wipe make you feel better in the toilet.   The wet fabric Eco-Friendly 100% biodegradable material which is great for our Earth.  On the go package which allow people to take these wet wipes any place for cleaning.

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  • Biodegradable Flushable Butt Wet Wipes

    Fresh care Flushable Cleansing Cloths

    Fresh care Flushable Cleansing Cloths It is a moist flushable biodegradable wipes.  It is safe to use on skin cleaning for entire family. It help you to feel cleaner and fresher than with toilet paper.

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  • Chemical free fruit cleansing wipes

    Natural Safe Fruit Cleaning Wipes

    Natural Safe Biodegradable Fruit Cleaning Wipes It is on the go natural source fruit cleaning wipes. This fruit wipes could be easily remove the dirty things on the fruit surface without water. It is rinse free fruit and vegetable cleaning wet wipes.

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