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Neutral Safe Wet Soap Wipes 25pcs
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Pure Water Single Pack Wet Soap Wipes

We Ecoeon designed another type of the alcohol free soap wipe.

The formula wet wipe just contain pure water and the medical soap liquid.

Our soap wipe is adjusted to be the PH balanced wet wipes.  So this soap wet wipes could be used for all skin types without irritation. 

The soap wet wipes will be a necessary product when you go hiking, outdoors.

First,  The soap wipes could clean your hand and face when there is not enough clean water outdoor.

The soap wipe is easily to clean off the dust and skin sebum on the skin,  Keeping the skin clean and healthy anytime anywhere. 

Second, The soap wet wipe could kill most of bacteria on the skin.

Third,   You will need a soap wipes after you bite or sting by some bugs and mosquito.

The soap liquid is a good liquid to neutralize the acidic venom of the bugs, The soap wipes will relieve itching.


  • Ultra smooth
  • Alcohol free
  • PH balanced
  • Reasonable price, excellent quality
  • Antibacterial
  • Soft and cool


 Wipe material   Non-woven fabric and Wet strength paper for option
 Gram weight  60gsm/m2
 Size of wipe  15cm × 20cm, More size welcome to customized 
 Color of wipe  White
 Fragrance   Scented and Unscented for option.  (aloe,lavender,Mango,lemon,mint,natural,citrus,original,natural)
 Packing  Individually packed and Bulk packing by bag/box/Canister for option
 Certificate   ISO13485 , ISO9001, CE, FDA, RoHs
 Application  Household, Outdoor,Office, Hotels, Motels, Cars, Hospital, Industrial.
 Private Label/Logo  Welcome for Private label service,  Put your logo on the printing bag or outer packing box.
 MOQ  50,000pcs .     Negotiable for customer's requirement 
 Delivery time  5-20 working days for different order


Flushable Medicated Custom Disposable Cleaning Wet Wipes

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