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High Quality SMT Double Side Splice Tape
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Product Detail

SMT Double Splice Tape

SMT double-sided adhesive tape


1, the material with the product structure: composed of two tape, the two edges in the product pressure positioning hole.

2, the material with the program: the use of products at both edges of the positioning hole on the bit, do not need any auxiliary tools. This is one of the most economical applications of the most widely used. 

3, the SMT splice tape is made by anti-static material which reduce static electricity, it is effective to protect the electronic components


Tape Color: Yellow / Blue / Black

Packing: 500pcs / box

Size : 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 24 mm


Applicable to: SIMENS, YAMAHA, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, JUKI and so on. The machine can be non-stop splice, intermittent use or bulk material

Instructions for use: stripping the base of the convex surface of the base paper, the SMT component with a sealed cover in the dot position to arrange the bonding, so that a film attached to the SMT components along the base line of the center line fold, The other side of the SMT component is bonded, and then the substrate is pressed to press the upper and lower film, and the component tape is connected.


 SMT double splice tape

SMT double splice tape

SMT double splice tape


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